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I often fitness and play, and occasionally lower back pain, how do

rainbowcatcat2010-03-05 05:11:00 +0000 #1
I am now 30, playing basketball 10 years, fitness five years, the past few months, occasional back pain, it was to energetically point of Crimping on the comfortable, this is why? Strain of lumbar muscles do? Treatments do?
xiang I will do2010-03-05 05:16:44 +0000 #2
lumbar muscle strain is due to the long-term result of the unreasonable posture, correct posture rehabilitation needs of a process, no scientific medical means are not rapidly reach the Shen Xiao. A long time to maintain a fixed station sedentary posture is very likely to cause low back pain, lumbar muscle strain recovered not pay attention to posture, over exertion can easily relapse.

Down to go back exercises to train muscles, promote blood circulation of waist and back to ease the pain, the rehabilitation of the lumbar muscle strain have a good effect. You can try to go down, go down to wear flat shoes, small steps walking, amount of exercise is appropriate to the waist did not feel tired, you can many times be a small amount of exercise, excessive exercise will increase the low back pain, they should do what, pay attention to安全.

Exercise inconvenient to go down, you can exercise at home: barefoot or wear flat shoes, the former stamping feet in thickness of about 20 mm, books, adhere to erect, the longer the better I feel about whether to reduce low back pain.

Down to go exercise and negative standing with the role of exercise on low back pain there is, you can wear a pair of high to low negative heel, dressed in a normal walking and walking down the same, be able to exercise back muscles, relieve pain, walking down the consolidation exercise the effect of long-term low back pain are caused by irrational posture rehabilitation role.

Do you have back pain, it is recommended not to wear a belt with normal shoes, no belt with the shoes will add to the pelvis forward and the lumbar lordosis, increased low back pain. High heels can cause and aggravate back pain and we all know, in the heel is the same.
514,750,1752010-03-05 05:48:39 +0000 #3
Massage and multi breaks



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