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ai の extinct2010-03-05 07:11:09 +0000 #1

2-like wave of Penan2010-03-05 07:22:50 +0000 #2
If you are in puberty, then on the choice of sports bar, playing basketball is a good way higher, if it is middle age that I do not know 哈哈
609 tea Crawford 6092010-03-05 07:44:00 +0000 #3
pad increased Insole
sxy09252010-03-05 08:20:59 +0000 #4
young little more exercise, then on exercise, diet, eat more high-protein food

passed puberty a bar on the mat insole ... ...
ccj4508147652010-03-05 07:58:52 +0000 #5
height There are several factors, primarily is a genetic factor, accounting for 70%, in addition, depending on other conditions, including exercise, nutrition, environmental and social factors. In order to let children grow higher, parents should note the following points:

1, grasp the fast-growing period of

2 too, should focus on nutritional supplements

3, do the following exercise

1. Overhanging swing using the horizontal bar or door frames, a high degree of order the body hanging in the bar, on toes just to leave the ground is suitable. Two hand bars, spacing slightly larger than shoulder width, feet close together, then swing around the body, do not increase too much time not too long. The best practice scheduled every morning, try to relax the body sag, maintain 20 seconds, young men should do 10 to 15 times, young women should be done 2 to 6 times.

2. Mogao jump when you jump with both hands to touch pre-set objects, which can be roadside tree, basketball baskets or ceiling. Feet jump, do 30 times. Rest for a short jump on one foot or so feet, respectively, methods, ibid.

3. Ball playing basketball actively fighting for rebounds and jump steal; playing volleyball when you try to jump up and do more to smash and block movement; in football over the forehead to practice hitting jump action.

4. Jumping exercises to do while marching single-foot jump, leapfrog, triple jump, multi-level jumping and standing vertical jump and so on.

4, there must be a good living environment

the spirit of the nervous system abnormalities may also affect children's physical growth. If the parents divorced, the relationship between children and guardians are not normal, often subject to abuse cases, or children subject to other serious stimulation, its growth rate will gradually slow down, so that height in the normal age height of children of the same sex under the low limit . Of children with short stature will increase the physical inferiority complex, this is because the children suffered psychological and social stimulation, thus affecting the spread of the cerebral cortex nerve impulses down the hypothalamus, thereby inhibiting the pituitary secretion of growth hormone. When the children to be kind to the environment, the growth rate of return to normal.

5, for a number of chronic diseases, the positive control

of children and adolescent with chronic illness should be actively treated. Long-term diseases such as chronic infection, chronic hepatitis, chronic nephritis, asthma, heart disease, anemia can affect the growth and development. Genetic bone diseases, such as bone cartilage dysplasia, also cause bone growth restriction

6, we'll do some daily physical activity increased

France on the market today for higher number of drugs and equipment, and expensive, but the effect but not necessarily as good. In fact, the best way to increase or strengthen the exercise, the following description of the training methods of several meritorious increase, young people my friends a try.

1. Hanging method:

hands grasping the horizontal bar, making the body floating sagging, drooping to his toes when you can lightly touch the ground better, and do chin-up action. Boys can do every day 10 - 15 times. Girls can do every day 2 - 5 times. Exercise essentials are: pull-ups when the breath, inhale slowly decline. After the exercise done, to walk walk around, so that the muscles relax. To be relaxed and then force the hand clenched fists, hands placed on the chest, and then release the fingers, then smell eyes, mouth, brow stretch, relax facial muscles, and then lying in bed, so that the back and buttocks muscles to relax . In short, we must learn to maximize the force and the greatest degree of relaxation.

In practice overhanging France for some time, you can hang this show on the basis of incremental, approach is the first drape 20 seconds, and then his legs faculties a 5 kg sandbag, and then hanging 20 seconds; after that, with a belt fixed on the horizontal bar, the drape 15 seconds, then put on 10 kg of iron ore weight vest, and then hanging 15 seconds. However, time and weight are not absolute, and may vary.

2. Jump law:

feet jumping touch branches, basketball, ceiling and so on. 10 times for a group, each upward jump 5 - 7 seconds, each interval of 4 - 5 minutes. As far as possible the body in a state of maximum extension. In addition, we must regularly participates in basketball, volleyball and swimming. When looting basketball and spike must be struggling to jump, and actively compete for each of the high penalties. Because jumping is the main training content, so the full jump 200 times a day or so.

3 traction:

stand 20 - 30-meter-high mound, the relaxation speed up the downward run, and then look down on the floor, by the two partners to help practitioners in the hands of a partner grip wrist, and the other grip Lian Diao's lower leg, both at the same time force in the opposite direction, pulling the trunk 2 - 3 times, each time 12 - 15 minutes, repeat 6 - 10 times.

This series of campaigns would help correct the short legs, spinal curvature, flat feet, and "O"-type legs and other physical defects, to promote bone growth, and adjust the nervous and endocrine functions, and a variety of physiological functions, so as to achieve the best state, and thus to achieve higher goals. Strengthen confidence, and unremitting efforts.



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