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Help of professional fitness strongman ah! ! ! With regard to creatine and protein powder

Vamonos2010-03-05 16:11:04 +0000 #1
I exercise in some years, from junior high school began, and now freshman. Recently, many people gave me that I eat supplements in order to further a higher level. However, it was to me, these things harmful to the body, so that the body is more affordable. Would like to ask the case? There is also: Is creatine is used to enhance the power quality? The protein powder is used to make muscles grow, in other words are shaping it? If I just want to keep the body maintain a live or just slightly Zhuang a bit, but want the power level should be the last one how to do? Finally, there is, after taking creatine would be able to gain weight how much? (I currently weight 78kg height 183cm) to help Thank you ah! ! ! All points were given to -
Rare li ah confused2010-03-05 16:13:13 +0000 #2
I like you! ! !

Fitness muscles after a long period of time is very slow after the power is not Zenmo long I have to eat protein powder around saying that they have any side effects on heart kidney is not the best results? I eat a good muscular lines of the more obvious effects of the main dimensions big! ! ! Creatine and I am now eating it I 70KG 177 dumbbell onto the chest from the original first-hand a 35 pounds up to now one hand a 60 pounds! ! Strength of a long very quickly! Eat this thing as long as enough to eat a reasonable amount of exercise is no side-effects! ! ! I say this is an example of people have side effects that have side effects! You ask them they ate Mody? !

Protein powder creatine allows the muscles big long dimension of power soon! ! !

As long as the efforts of trained yes! !加油

hope that my answers help you! ! These are my experiences are not copied! ! ! !
_Angle_ Angels2010-03-05 16:37:37 +0000 #3
you,! How should I say, in fact, supplements can be in on the appropriate point, and usually one hour to two hours a day fitness, sub-time period.

Protein powder can be, but also adequate, creatine, I feel that eating bar! ,

As for the amount of protein powder in the end how many where there are instructions, you can control what, this is not much with the weight and height relations, but also appropriate. Creatine does, you'd better take a week 1 - 2 times

as far as possible eating the kind of supplements, are meant to supplement the body, brain, blood kind, when you finished fitness after the sweat out, you eat supplements, timely supplement their diets. So best to eat supplements is to supplement the nutrients, but the quality of muscle and strength training is best out of many fitness good, I hope you grow stronger and stronger!

Playing tired Oh, not yet even asked the fitness coaches - to the sub-sub-Oh!



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