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Fitness in the gym, when, a few minor problems.

Super rookie Fitness2010-03-05 20:10:25 +0000 #1
I am 25 years old, 60KG.

1, I have just practiced squat two days, yesterday I load 40KG, squat 10 group, a group of 6 to 10, this volume not you (I am able to stand, but feel that some acid-foot only). If not, then squat for several groups, one under the number of squat is the most appropriate?

2, why is finished a group of squat or bench press after the break for five minutes at most, you feel strength resumed? How to restore so fast?

3, bench press in the end is a practicing or training arm, the pectoral muscles? Dead lift in the end is practicing or training arm, foot?

4, it was said would hurt the knee squat, it is up to how to avoid?

5, bench press, the iron grip in the palm on the bar, when pushed upward, iron bars is very heavy, weighted down with the arm at the junction of the palm piece of a kind of tearing pain, this is my grip wrong?
Exercise about Bai2010-03-05 20:26:10 +0000 #2
secret me, I tell you in detail.
matic_yu2010-03-05 20:28:58 +0000 #3
1 squat strength of a little group can be a big 5-8

3 bench press to see your position, and is flat-bed bench press or the Yang-bed bench press there is to see the position of your hands and the barbell

4 Deep squat foot pad at two dumbbell-piece - maintaining the right posture, squat knee injury does not get it wrong

5, is less than your wrist force caused by - the right wrist force and thought when I first started to do
a bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-03-05 20:35:35 +0000 #4
1. just started practice, the weight can still squat, but first in order to understand the main action, so that the body there is also a gradual process of adaptation. At present, the amount may not increase, the appropriate point of strength can be increased. Is a slight increase in weight-bearing, do squat, practice points, explosive. Squat exercises absolute power mainly. There should be a complementary

2. Your five-minute break ah? Oh, too long a time! ! If you are dedicated, then you can measure the pulse of the next, just when the end of the squat for 10 seconds is the number of times, estimating the next minute! ! Then, five minutes later much is that? ? ? Calm of the bar may have been an interval of time is too long, muscular good response had disappeared. Maintained at the just concluded 80% of the pulse continued to practice to be good

3. Bench press right arm and chest are catalytic role, but the main chest. There you say dead lift? ? Is it two arm pull weight ah? ? Practice all the movements, we must see you have a conscious exercise the muscles need it to hair strength. Is the active muscles and properly handle the relationship between passive muscle. Should pay attention to relax! Otherwise the effect may be very general or not a

4. Squat, squat will hurt knees and waist. Therefore, the practice should pay attention to warm-up and pay attention to the protection, pay attention to relax after exercise. Action should also pay attention essentials. Can not kneel, the former lie, relying on back top. . . First start with lighter weight, regulate movement, slowly enough. When necessary, can wait for the knee, Belt.

5. May be that weight for you, this is currently too heavy. Could consider reducing the point. Bench press of time to hold the barbell bar, of course, the point is to relax.

For now, you are still the primary stage, so do many more to the old advice to the coaches ask players bar!

Pay attention to strengthening the health fitness warm-up note I wish to relax



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