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plovey2010-03-05 23:10:12 +0000 #1
23 this year, height 186, weight 67KG

done a body composition analysis, saying that want to increase muscle 2.7KG, increased fat 2.5KG

looking for fitness professionals who can tell, I am in most health clubs and training, all the instruments are, but they do not know how to get, where the private teaching and costly

just want to enhance muscle strength, not afraid of people laughing, I'm really weak, as well as heart and lung function

is now a week to go 5 times, one can be 2 hours

it seems that every time practicing a different part of it is not, there is a warm-up

thinking of fitness professionals to know User can help me, it is best to be specific, such as what equipment to do a few time group, what the rest ah

thank you, oh

I question the premise of why we answered, but can not see, it is strange that after the adoption of this problem

I will reward improvement
Kohane Konishi2010-03-05 23:13:57 +0000 #2
warm-up of the more common are two kinds of running and rope skipping, mainly in the gym this warm-up more convenient, generally jog 5 minutes

you this height, then does a bit of light weight, eating and training are important, in the diet to eat more eggs, beef category. By muscle powder protein powder is not recommended for anything more

increase muscle oxygen equipment, chest shoulders and back are large. 2 3 is small. Abdomen every day to do. 1 days training a large and a small, three to four groups each action. Another strength of each exercise should be a parabola-like, warm-up slowly after the start from the lighter weight increases, so that they can not be reduced again, so I believe you from time to time there will be a breakthrough

bench press, dead lift, squat shape the body, if only to practice upper body chest shoulders and back are three large, flat bench press 【ramp up and down the inside of chest dumbbell parallel bars are essential, otherwise it is difficult to see chest training with the breast side of the same】, vertical dumbbell lateral birds Ping Ju Ju leaned over the former flat should 【triangle must be no brachial brachial two of the three do not have to practice】. Personal feeling, if there is capacity, pull-up on the back, the most significant effect, especially the wide-grip, post legs and waist can be combined with the weight, posture can not figure the number of bits must be no effect.

Should be used to the rhythm of breathing is generally issued when the force of breath, inhale when you move back. Another shout out when the hair edge effect is not bad. A week is best not to go to the gym more than five times when the muscles at rest length, one hour after practice to eat high-protein works well

each person is different also have their own set of appropriate training methods, I believe you trained in a long time will be able to find the most suitable for them, and the last to wish you good shape as soon as possible Nerishige



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