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Pregnancy what to do kind of movement?

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right for women during pregnancy, walking Naishi cardiovascular exercise, one of the best ways, because it allows you to stay healthy, rather than give the knee and ankle band to hurt. ● Walking: Walking is a good type of exercise, will not bring any danger, but also can increase people's endurance, for birth is very beneficial. When the mother walks, while also stimulating the baby's movement. Daily walking time can be half an hour to 1 hour or so, pay attention to speed, location, the best choice in the air circulation, few people, the environment a good place. Is said to walk in the sun is the best, because the sun's ultraviolet rays with a germicidal effect, and make the skin dehydrogenation of cholesterol into vitamin D3, this vitamin can promote intestinal calcium and phosphorus absorption of the baby's bones development in particular. The benefits of walking during pregnancy: The pregnancy of women who walk Naishi cardiovascular exercise, one of the best ways, because it allows you to maintain a healthy knee and ankle will not bring harm. In the nine months of pregnancy, you can always insisted, because this is absolutely safe, and if you have not tried to walk pre-pregnancy, then now is also very simple. If you have a habit of walking, then continue. If you are not very enthusiastic about pre-pregnancy, then slowly began, and then took 20 to 30 minutes to let themselves become active again. According to the U.S. Obstetrics and Gynecology University of view, you can almost every day for at least 30 minutes of practice, as long as you get a doctor or fitness instructor's consent. First trimester (1-3 months) Guide: Perhaps you do not need to walk the usual habit of doing much to change. Make sure your walking shoes can be very good to protect your ankle and arch. Using sunscreen to protect your skin, no matter what the season; in the summer time, wear a sun hat, bring a spray bottle filled with water to maintain their own temperature. Must also bring drinking water to prevent dehydration, which may lead to contraction in the body, fever, and sometimes even endanger the safety of you and your baby. If the outside is very hot and humid, then it in air-conditioned shopping mall walking, or in the gym or a home treadmill exercise. The second trimester (4-7 months) Guide: continue to wear shoes with support functions to protect your skin from sun damage, while avoiding dehydration. The pace of your training may now be even more awkward, so pay attention to your posture, so as not to squeeze back. When you walk, when to keep the chin parallel with the ground, hip, tight as far as possible, so as not to swing around, visual front. Swing your arm to maintain balance, but also can enhance the intensity of exercise. You may need a companion will not let you walk bored. After dark, do not walk out unless the lights - if you can not see the direction of your walk, you are the possibility of tripping or falling will be greatly increased. Late pregnancy (8-10 months) Guide: continue your walking exercise can persist long maintained a long, but do not drag your feet to walk or walking on uneven ground, so will let you out of balance. When you near the time of birth, you might consider whether or not to walk on a runway. Not only the road surface is more flat, while in any emergency situation, when you know you will not leave home or a car was stranded far away, you will be a sense of security. Need to be vigilant of the signs: Do not walk too, until exhausted, or out of breath. Let your body to achieve such a limit. When you appear when the following symptoms, immediately stop to your doctor to call for help: vaginal bleeding, difficulty breathing, dizziness, chest pain, muscle weakness, calf pain may be edema, premature birth, fetal movement is not active, clear amniotic fluid the lack of, or the whole body tightening. Some such as fitness balls and other sports, the second trimester is also very beneficial for women, pregnant women, according to their own conditions, select a doctor's recommendation.

Their attention on the line, not tired, appropriate exercise like.
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The best sport is walking, listening to my right of
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Multi walk



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