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CCTV3 to challenge the program enrollment methods do

King's genius2010-03-06 01:10:59 +0000 #1
want to know the enrollment method for this program, the more detailed the better, please tell about insider, I want to make my father enrollment, he said today that he called me after seeing this show Try to go register, he fitness more than 30 years even though it had 55 years of age, but are all parts of the body muscles, it is to get to know. Since Yesterday, he saw CCTV3 do this to challenge himself to go try it after the program, the program has a project, we push the wheel called the current world record is one minute can do 33, my father said that he could be at home on weekdays easily be pushed more than 40 per minute and he told me so that I have had a heard of this idea won a championship back to 10 thousand U.S. dollars then.
だ Tz ± ╃ じ ★2010-03-06 01:13:51 +0000 #2
"want to challenge? "Is a large-scale interactive stall athletic program, columns highlight the new, extraordinary and special and viewers sense of participation, financial challenges and Guess nature as a whole. Noble forms of entertainment, exciting sports challenge, a new form of entertainment packaging, so that part is both have an international style with Chinese characteristics. Programs from life skills and creativity, quizzes throughout the program has always been, along with excellent performances for you to enjoy.

Premiere Time: CCTV-3 every Sunday 21:16

viewers can call or by e-mail registration form to the column group. Applicants are required to submit when you apply the following information: name, contact, personal talent presentations, photos (by mail) and other personal information.

Registration Tel :010-63261340

Shanghai Great World Guinness Headquarters Hotline :021-63850813

e-mail address: ARTI1253685048663565

PS: Louzhu Hello, "to challenge the do" not always see, but each time the turntable can see, it will stop.

If your father can really play, broadcast on which period you can, please tell me Baidu HI time will Bangni Ding



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