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Increased ah higher,

zyhyy12010-03-06 09:11:12 +0000 #1
I am female.

Dad: 161cm mother: 160cm

Today I am 13, only 151cm.

Sad ah, now I had a good few are 1 meter 6, hey, I hate to look up ah. ! ! !

拜托 the -----!
fish sweet2010-03-06 09:14:56 +0000 #2
13-year-old girl has only just begun after a long rest assured that the body is definitely a long, president of the high regard and then how much will depend on your usual way of increased drug is not recommended to eat

you can through nutrition and exercise manner and method to achieve increased

2 cups high-calcium milk a day sooner or later, the cup of soy foods to choose some high ground the bones of calcium to burn anything to (ah but be careful not to permit excessive blood calcium can trigger attention to them if appropriate) Papan Choose low-fat milk and calcium are sold! Adhere to walk conditionally run if you can jump rope skipping not running anything to Energizer go a long way to go as heavy weights to maintain a good sitting posture is not only beneficial to long after the high of your stature can also help avoid the evening can not be bent to ensure that adequate to sleep at night is the brain secrete hormones to sleep at night in the peak periods will be significantly reduced if the skin on the girls to have a great impact on so absolutely insist on doing so in a clear way back to a long high-this is not the drug is also very tall but this drug is not recommended is the most healthy way is not difficult to note that adhere to the Bar
BloveL282010-03-06 09:16:51 +0000 #3
common sense, but in most cases.

Son with the mother, my mother can have more than 165, his son can grow up to 178 more than basic. Less than 160 mom and son normally does not exceed 175

daughters, mainly with the father, and my father can have 180, the daughter of not less than 165. If the father is only 161 words. Daughter, probably no more than 160, should be around 155 bar.
KINGYANG7799822010-03-06 10:13:37 +0000 #4
strengthening exercise, insist on running, playing basketball. Certainly have effects, I have the parents of a classmate in 160CM below, in the elementary and junior high school, when he has been very short, and later he insisted on running every day to school, playing basketball. High School a long time to more than 180. Really. Guizaijianchi @



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