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Choose protein powder, or by muscle powder

Teng song 812010-03-06 12:10:24 +0000 #1
I 176CM 65KG, had never been around 63KG, often swimming, it can build, shoulder relatively wide, pectoral and abdominal muscles is still more obvious, but I would like to practice what is your own training, not professional training, I am now the intensity of exercise a week is basically like this: a week to swim three times a 1000M, bicycle twice a week, each time 30KM, daily dumbbells, sit-ups, push-ups, squatting , running, are a small number of,

1, I would like to ask I was eating eggs powder increase muscle powder good or eat well? Or two eat it?

2, when Chine? Before or after exercise is the exercise what time to eat?

3, what brand of increasing muscle powder, protein powder is better?

4, on Taobao rest assured to buy these things do?

5, How can I exercise it? I mainly want to train chest and abdominal muscles?

6, to me this is not a professional, in addition to increasing muscle powder and protein powder, I can eat what?

7, the general increase of this protein powder can see how long the muscle powder to eat significant effect?

Special statement, do not copy,

deadwoods2010-03-06 12:19:26 +0000 #2
Page 1 Mody you want to gain weight? Would like to increase rapidly on increasing muscle weight, then powder

want to maintain muscle length or uniform eat protein powder to your situation can not eat anything the first 2

30 minutes before and after training the morning before going to sleep I think of your training be sufficient to eat

Chapter 3 is BSN's most technologically NB could also consider a slightly higher price point of

OP cheaper 4 you do not trust someone else might say that m way is not it?

Chapter 5 folder breasted birds such as bench press push-ups and other abdominal muscles around the dip variation of sit-ups can be a lot of

6, I did not feel too much and strong professional and not eat a reasonable diet of fruits and vegetables the best = =

No. 7 just because of who I eat Bora early weight gain powder, when 2 months 62KG-78KG

has a long a lot of fat LOL of course, not all is that the role of powder that time I ate more than usual sleep times are also a number 2 hours

reasonable diet is very important not to stare at the protein on the fruits and vegetables is very important to tell the truth

that kind of training methods you have very good health

you are not changing no need to change the mode of training was very strong eating eggs powder

Let me tell you of protein The role of powder protein powder selection

fit and the most important reason is that he can quickly absorb

This is difficult to achieve in ordinary food

Second, he can let you do not need to eat too much food will be able to achieve the required protein For the brother of a high body weight is required after his workout on the multi-protein-containing proteins have been eating the food is very tiring and costly campaign could not eat it ......

Given your weight I feel like I m the necessary
niqunalile2010-03-06 12:28:57 +0000 #3
TU, protein powder and increasing muscle powder formula is almost a matter of fact, many are combined with the food. Normally after exercise to eat. My friend ate Wade's feel good - imports, the price a little higher - he is a gym coach.

If you Taobao not at ease, you can buy the health and beauty magazines where there are agents around the phone. Go to Wade's website will do.

Swimming will let you figure the ratio is better, better go to the gym to train chest - like lying or sitting on the effect of pushing more obvious -

results vary, according to amount of exercise - in general two weeks or so there will be a
kdw1802010-03-06 13:13:24 +0000 #4
Your body is about the same with me. Now I come to answer your question! ---

1. Because I insist on sports and fitness every day. But I never eat protein powder. If you have not practiced much, or you like the muscular lines, then do not eat eggs of the white powder.

2 . If you eat less than half an hour after strength training is best to eat

3. may consider the proposal downstairs 4. My friend bought it in coach. Although expensive, but the fidelity

5. the body's muscles to be pretty average Moreover, you also need to swim back and leg strength. if you swim in it if the weight of more than a small number of training, and gradually increase the weight of

6. eat eggs. beef. fish. have to eat fruit, protein and more food Eat

7 general efforts to train, then 3 months results is quite clear.

playing tired, to the sub-bar
5i Fitness2010-03-06 12:29:53 +0000 #5
Hello: You say "But what I want to practice," although he did not want to practice To what extent? By muscle powder is a kind of heat

's nutritional supplements, with a reasonable proportion of sugar and protein, effective to add calories and protein to promote recovery after exercise,

, and muscle growth. Its main components include carbohydrates, protein, various vitamins and trace

elements, and some also joined creatine, Gu acid amide, branched-chain amino acids, carnitine, methyl chromium, etc. to maximize

to add fitness the training required for a variety of nutrients. Suited to rapid increase muscle weight gain a friend (because he's hot

than higher, so a rapid increase in the proportion of fat in the body weight is not small) Under normal circumstances, 176CM height

70KG weight should be around (of course, on the assumption that body fat content of less than 20%)

Protein Powder is the main component of protein, protein powder can be an appropriate increase in blood amino acid levels and prevent muscle training

training course is broken down. Because the training process will consume a large amount of blood amino acids, this time to sustain the human body is

the amino acid level in blood would be to break down muscle to provide amino acids. Training to take protein powder can

to quickly added to the muscle tissue, to repair the damaged muscle fibers in training, so that muscle tissue to be repaired

re-growth. If you do not want to gain weight too quickly, focusing more on muscle mass, consider protein powder.

Increase muscle powder and protein powder Brand: EAS America Ruikesikang bits are good, it is recommended to buy the regular channels (Special

Buy stores or health clubs)

take: train 30 minutes before taking the protein powder 20 g, ( milk at room temperature or normal temperature water flushes the clothing +60 g bread) can be

an appropriate increase in blood amino acid level, the training process to prevent muscle breakdown. Within 30 minutes after training to take eggs

powder 20 grams (normal milk or water at room temperature blunt +80 g bread) can be quickly added to the muscle tissue to repair damaged

a result of training, the muscle fibers, so that muscle tissue to be repaired before生长.

Effect: usually 1-2 months would have obvious results.
Greatly reduced2010-03-06 13:15:39 +0000 #6
to buy
mubiao452010-03-06 12:30:45 +0000 #7
Oh, you should have coordinated body bar.

Do not eat those, eat high-protein, and as quickly out.

Such as beef, chicken, fish, egg white, milk, beans inside. (to eat does not destroy proteins)

These are all things high in protein, but also green. suggest that you do not buy a protein powder.

We do not recommend chest or abdominal exercises every day.

training once every 2 days . because the muscles need to recover and rest, it can grow. Do not blindly go to practice every day, so if the muscles are not resting, but more with less.

practice time to slow down the speed, not fast, quick, if inertia is to use the.

Exercise after the supplement.



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