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I am very thin, and would like to become strong, the need how to do it?

nonsense ing2010-03-06 17:11:32 +0000 #1
I am now 19, and Yi Miqi 4 height, weight 45 kilograms. Would like to fertilization, become strong point, so that body weight up to standard, how was 60 kilograms. Who can give me a fertilization program, how to eat, how exercise, very grateful, and to write a good extra points,
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka2010-03-06 17:23:55 +0000 #2
Fertility Method:

Chinese medicine, body Multi-functional due to stomach illness is low, insufficient blood. Of the spleen is acquired, the source of qi and blood biochemistry. The spleen and stomach health, blood-sheng, then, heavily muscular, physically strong. On the contrary, the body weight loss, limb soft weak. Lean body heal first exclude hyperthyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease, and cancer and other chronic diseases. Then uses traditional Chinese medicine, there will be a very good effect thin test

■ a person is fat or thin is not a virtue of eyes can be measured can be calculated according to the following formula if they are thin in point: the number of available height in centimeters minus 100, then multiplying by 0.9, the answer is that I standard body weight. Such as personal height 180 cm, the standard weight is (180-100) × 0.9 = 72 kg, lower or higher than the standard 10% of body weight are all normal. If your actual body weight more than 10% below standard weight, it is necessary to consider whether a slim. Remind

■ Under normal circumstances, low birth weight and genetic factors, a relationship at the same time, a number of emotions easily excited person, due to the impact of endocrine you can speed up the heat consumption. Some people nervous, the result may be missing a meal or a loss of appetite, a loss of thousands of calories naturally goes without saying, so definitely not fat.

If you find your own weight, the body too thin, we should first check is the potential impact of the disease. Such as thyroid, diabetes, adrenal gland, digestive diseases, are likely to cause underweight. Ruled out the disease, before fattening scheme can be implemented.

■ pleasant stay thin men and women in terms of diet, there are a lot of fussy eaters, and a partial eclipse phenomenon. Therefore, we should change this bad habit, increasing dietary intake, meals should be rich and varied. Eat more carbohydrates, pasta and most effective, in addition, high-protein foods, like vegetables and fruits, be dispensed with, ordinary day I must not leave these healthy snacks such as peanuts, toffee and so on, emptied and then drink beer, fruit juice is also good idea.

In the case of adequate intake of protein, and are advised to eat some with fat, carbohydrates (ie starch, sugar, etc.) the more abundant food. In this way, the excess energy can be converted to fat stored in the skin, so thin by robust posture up. Weaker scrag gastrointestinal function may choose chicken, duck, fish, sheep's liver to eat, In addition to this, fish are also easy to digest and absorb.

■ a varied diet in order fertilization, should first make a scientific fertilization, for health fertilization. A balanced diet, we must also maintain adequate and good sleep. Sleep if the comparison were sufficient appetite is better, but also conducive to digestion and absorption of food. Thin like a lot of night life, whenever they play one night, but also Qiangdajingshen go to work the next day, seriously affecting the quality of sleep, so do not go on strange thin.

Should also be noted that personal mental health. Work stress and pressure of life in some small things too hard, beyond the human capacity of the "crazy" to study or work, will make people even more weight loss. On the contrary, a pleasant state of mind, harmonious interpersonal relationships would be conducive to fattening.

■ adequate exercise for those who long to sit for the Office of the Thin Man, every day should be taking some time to exercise, which will not only help to improve appetite, but also make the muscles strong, physical fitness. The body's muscles, "use and disuse", if long-term lack of exercise, muscle fibers will be relatively atrophy and become weak weakness, who also appeared thin and weak.

The way in sports, jogging is a good choice, because when people jogging significantly increased the number of gastrointestinal motility, so that the body can consume energy in the meals taste like. In general, large amount of exercise movement, short-term movements and quick explosive movements can play a fertilization effect, but also want to lose weight the most to be taboo.

★ ★ ★ attached: food fattening ones for the party


Ingredients: Chinese yam, cheese, white sugar.

Its system of law can be divided into two kinds. One is to wash fresh yam, pound clay, to be added in large gruel cooked mix well, and then transferred to cheese, sugar consumption; Another approach is to study the dried yam powder, each taking 30 grams, add cold water and mix thoroughly , home furnace, slow fire cooking, constantly stirring, 23, after boiling removed, transferred to cheese, sugar can be eaten.

Yam of sweet flat, may be tonic win, long muscles, fur-run, in order to rule weight loss, beauty of fine works of art. Cheese can be Yangfeihuoxue emollient, YangYinShengJin. Both useful, Kin Yun-stomach, financing of the source, so in the virtual thin patients, the effect very well.

Have often heard those who complain that body lean, and now weight-loss drug everywhere, that is not fattening medicine. In fact, the general fitness thin For fertilization, without recourse to drugs, so long as improper diet, use diet to regulate and fortify, you can close good effect.

Body thin person, many have yin deficiency, blood loss less-chun, so diet should eat GAN Sheng Jin of the goods, such as milk, honey, eggs, soft-shelled turtle (turtle), sea cucumber, white fungus and so on. Commonly used and effective therapeutic side: walnut milk drink, honey drinks, sea cucumber extract, turtle meat Lily jujube soup, turtle soup Zishen, Shenmai soft-shelled turtles, Tremella pigeon eggs, lily yellow chicken soup.

Yin is often inner heat, body lean are more common irritability irritability, dry mouth and sore throat, eroticism, etc. Xure endogenous phenomenon, it is the nourishment, we must also note that the fire Qing Xu, optional fresh clam soup wheat aspartic , chrysanthemum, and meat and so on.

1. A balanced diet

You can use butter or other edible oil, jam, sugar high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods to increase the heat, although the weight gain is more rapid, but long-term or excessive consumption, would undermine the appetite, and the potential health hazards of chronic diseases. Use of a balanced diet and a progressive increase in food intake to avoid compulsory supply, destruction of appetite.

2. To develop good eating habits

regular quantitative, Shaoliangduocan, chewing food thoroughly.

3. To change the dining program

eat at high concentrations, nutrient dense foods, eat other food.

4. Select appropriate cooked food

Select by moderate cooking of food, such as: steaming, stewing, halogen, fried, boiled .. and so on, to avoid deep-fried, fried, grilled, etc. .. leading to food hard to digest .

5. Maintain a happy, well-furnished dining environment, concentrate on eating.

Stress and anxiety not only affect the appetite, gastrointestinal tract, digestion and absorption is not good, metabolic rate relative to consume more calories.

If there is no way to improve your Qi long thin body, it is recommended you still invest in the expertise of physicians to help you to find out why not come out the reasons for Rourou long, with a healthy way to a long and healthy Rourou Oh!

Fertility can be considered milk, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews and other foods, you can join the almond and sesame milk drink powder, cashew nuts as a snack food you can eat, so there will be good results.

In the community structure, population distribution, underweight is also a very common one ethnic group. Only the current social trend, a weight loss, those who were underweight, but the envy of the general population. Yet in reality, those who are vulnerable to malnutrition, underweight, easy fatigue, depression, muscle wear and tear and other symptoms. In severe cases, deterioration of immunity would arise susceptibility to disease, especially for elderly people with chronic diseases, but also increase the complications, the more chances after the bad.

◎ weight gain is not fattening

in an academic sense fattening and weight gain are not the same. Because the "Fertility" by definition is to increase the proportion of fat body tissue, and the "weight gain" In addition to the increase in fat, it should also cover the muscle tissue growth. I think you want to ask should be "weight gain" instead of "fattening", right? !

The body's weight, generally from the bones, muscles, fat, moisture, and other internal organs, and meaningful "weight gain" should focus on muscle and fat has increased. So, how do we carried out the transformation of the body works? The answer is still "eating" and "movement"!

】 【Diet articles diet, high protein, high-calorie diet, is the only way to gain weight. Concentrated protein and high-calorie foods, such as heavy cheese cake, a small West Point, small cakes, etc., Shaoliangduocan, postprandial timely papaya enzyme supplement to help digestion or a combination of enzymes to increase the utilization rate of digestion and absorption of food.

◎ protein choices

select high quality protein sources, such as eggs, milk, meat, poultry, etc. should be accounted for more than half of the total protein per day. Zeyi vegetable protein powder, isolated soybean protein extraction, the effect would have been better, because less impede absorption of plant fiber. As for eating meat or drinking milk that way better? Efficiency of people, you can try to drink high-protein milk powder (for example, more than three milk protein), than to drink ordinary milk, meat protein intake to the high absorption and utilization is also better.

◎ carbohydrate choices

carbohydrate intake is an important part, choose a high starch foods, such as white bread, steamed bread, rice, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin and so on. Gou qian when cooking, soup, soup of the type, or in soup or fruit juice, milk, add some maltodextrin (commonly known as the hydrolysis of corn starch, can be directly adding it to food consumption), increased caloric intake.

◎ fat choices

oil section, you can better absorption and utilization of appropriate use of medium chain fatty acids (MCT), in order to increase the intake of concentrated heat. Pure medium chain fatty acids (MCT) due to non-"essential fatty acids", with the general need to use grease. Proposal has been mixed-use medium-chain fatty acids essential fatty acids product (example: three tall heat), to avoid the lack of essential fatty acids. General recommendations medium-chain fatty acids in total fat consumption to no more than 60% of the principle.

【Movement】 篇

For those who gain weight the movement to "weight training" as the main method, rather than weight loss by those who emphasize the "aerobic exercise." Because the "aerobic exercise" is to promote energy consumption, and "weight training" is used to increase muscle ratio. With dumbbells, barbells and training equipment used in conjunction with large muscle groups of the total contraction and relaxation, you can reach the muscles will be constructed.

What is the big muscle that was? Is what we call chest, abdominal, back muscles, leg muscle, two and three muscles (arm). Through weight training and dietary supplement, can grow large muscle groups, the relative weight will build up.

Currently in the United States, has been to attempt to give proper weight training for the elderly to cope with weight gain food supplements, to increase the proportion of muscle to improve the malnutrition, easy fatigue, depression, muscle wear and tear, deterioration of immunity, susceptibility to disease and other symptoms . For the elderly with chronic diseases will reduce complications, the more chances after the bad.

【Breakfast: You must eat, have energy! 】

Preference for Western-style taste people:

1. Is squeezed orange juice a cup of

2. Low-fat milk, a cup of

3. Poured full of syrup, jam, butter in a pancake.

Like the taste of Chinese people:

1. 皮蛋瘦肉粥 or small bowl of porridge

2. A cup of soy milk or Rice milk.

3. A soft-boiled eggs

【morning snack: to help the body store energy】

The following food items in a optional: raisins, nuts, peanuts and bananas.

【Lunch: a happy meal, in order to Chi Pang 唷! 】

Preference for Western-style taste people:

1. Apple 1

2. Low-fat milk, a cup of

3. Sandwiches, a

4. Lettuce salad, a box of

5. High-fiber biscuits in a

like the taste of Chinese people:

1. kiwifruit 1

2. a cup of yogurt

3. a bowl of rice or a bowl

4. boiled vegetables and a

5. high-fiber biscuits in a

【afternoon snack: Do not let Xiao Dudu hungry with the optional】

The following food items in a: milkshake cup, high-fiber biscuits a few films, lo mei side dishes, or boiled eggs 1.

【Dinner: try to schedule a meal】

the best meal together with family or lover. Sweet feeling, let out a long Rourou faster 唷!

1. Is squeezed juice in a

2. Ice cream or yogurt in a

3. Lettuce salad or stir-fried vegetables in a

4. A bowl of rice or a bowl

5. A lean meat or fish

6. After dinner and then eat a pineapple, papaya, or tomatoes.

【Supper: as far as possible before going to bed an hour or two eating】

plastered on toast jam, peanut butter, butter, garlic sauce. Drink a bowl of broth, milk, or soy milk. As long as the meaning is like eating, and avoid eating too full, I can not sleep. After eating supper, we should brush our teeth with dental floss, can sleep 唷!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Why Thin Thin ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As the saying goes, "water active, trees have roots," that people always have the root cause weight loss. To find the cause, in addition to the root cause is the "scrag" fat of the main method. According to health experts analysis, weight loss because there are roughly the following:

* a variety of chronic diseases and organic lesions

such as diarrhea, peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, cancer, anemia, parasites.


Genetic and endocrine factors, genetic, endocrine and other factors under the influence of certain family members are relatively thin, but there is no organic disease, are unable to type size. Its characteristics are: body thin, slender neck, Chuijian, flat rib cage, sternum Xiphoid the next angle is less than 90 degrees, energy is also very abundant, fully competent to study or work, but susceptible to a variety of chronic diseases.


Due to emotional factors, mental factors, mental anxiety, life is not the law, excessive tiredness, lack of sleep, the body consumes more than intake.


Diet diet adjustment,The lack of physical exercise. The lack of nutrition, especially lack of protein components.

◇ Thin how to practice Zhuang

According to the city of Winter forest health, several coaches introduced Thin conducting fitness training, first of all to be cognizant of himself as belonging to what kind of weight loss. Because weight loss with simple weight loss and secondary thin distinction. Simple weight loss no clear endocrine disease, weight loss is a secondary nervous system and endocrine system, caused by organic disease. In the case of secondary weight loss, please recovered later by a fitness exercise. If it is the simple weight loss, then carry out fitness training should pay special attention to the following issues:

exercise exercise reasonable arrangement arrangement is an important part of one of the scientific exercise. Practice has proved that weight loss should in order to moderate amount of exercise (heart rate per minute between 130 to 160) is suitable aerobic exercise, weight equipment in order to moderate load (maximum strength 50% to 80%) better. Timing can be practiced three times a week (every other day 1), each 1-1 and a half hours. Every time practicing 8 to 10 movements, each movement to do 3 to 4 groups. Approach is fast shrinking, slightly pause, slow stretch. To do a group of continuous operating time of 60 seconds between the two groups intermittent 20-60 seconds, each action interval 1 to 2 minutes. Under normal circumstances, each group should be able to complete a continuous 8 to 15 times, if each number up to less than 8 times, may be appropriate to reduce the weight; to the last two must be best to complete the action on the muscle tissue to stimulate the deeper, " over-recovery "clear, tempered with excellent results.

fitness training on safety equipment have a certain amount of weight, not only do a good job preparatory activities before and after exercise and organize activities, but also pay attention to check whether the equipment was firmly installed to prevent any eventuality. Training should pay attention to whether the weight of moderate forces can not and do not exercise. The use of barbells and other heavy equipment, it is necessary to protect someone. Preferably under the guidance of professional coach training, in order to encourage one another and help each other, protect each other.

◇ lay a solid foundation

weight loss practice in the early stages (2 to 3 months) the best fit to enter a training course to learn in order to correct, the system moves to master technology to comprehensively improve their physique. With particular attention to muscle strength and endurance exercise, gradually increase the body's ability to adapt to lay a good foundation.

◇ should be focused and targeted

skinny person after 2 to 3 months after training, physical strength will be significantly enhanced, energy will be plentiful than ever before. At this time, should focus on training large muscle groups, such as the pectoralis major, deltoid, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus and quadriceps and so on, amount of exercise should be adjusted at any time. In addition, parts of the muscle can be used with a different action, different equipment to conduct training, and practice to make the muscles contract alone. As the muscle strength and movement coordination Sik improvement in the effect of exercise will be increasingly significant. Under normal circumstances, practicing moves, once a month and a half to two-month transformation. In addition, the exercise when the spirit (mind) to focus on the training site, avoid laughing, listening to music. The training part of the muscles acid, inflation, eat, hot feeling is stronger, the better exercise effect. In this way, then adhere to six months to a year, the body a significant change occurs.

◇ little training other items

skinny persons body-building exercise, it is best to participate in other sports less exercise, especially in endurance sports projects, such as long-distance running, football, playing basketball. Consume more energy because of these campaigns is not conducive to muscle growth, but more training will be thinner. In addition, the usually do not spend too much energy doing other activities.

◇ reasonable diet

only the intake of energy greater than the consumption of energy, people can be fat. Therefore, the thin deployment of those meals must be reasonable, varied, non-partial eclipse. In addition to normal consumption of animal protein-rich meat, eggs, poultry, they also eat some soy products and beans properly, lily, vegetables, fruits and so on. As long as the diet overall, which will help digestion and absorption, coupled with the appropriate fitness training, you can become in a relatively short period of time, heavily made up.

◇ confidence to make those who persevere

thin body shape changes from the thin strong, plump body-building, not just one or two days a month or two to do that with "a moment's fever," want to "eat a fat one" in Lianfa No because the exercise methods are incorrect, the effect is not obvious and the loss of confidence is not OK, only the strong confidence of victory well prepared to endure hardship, to actively carry out the emotional high scientific, planned, and persistent training, can be crowned with success.
You are sick, this person2010-03-06 17:42:32 +0000 #3
19 of 174 men see you look like less than 100 pounds ... ...

more than physical exercise to food and drink to eat more meat thick muscle fibers, of course, like beef, ah what the other is to catch up with vegetarian The

but still should be gradual and not like a Japanese sumo-like ah ... ...
iloveyouzkj2010-03-06 18:18:32 +0000 #4
The first is to eat more, looking for points to make on each food calorie information, calculate what you eat by the intake of calories, minus the expenses you usually heat, to see if there overdraft? Eat more high-calorie food is helpful.

Followed by more physical activity.
a868699882010-03-06 17:26:49 +0000 #5
I am 18 years old 200 pounds 1 m 82 every day you get up early! 5 km run? Can insist that Mody?

Back to take a bath after eating breakfast go to school! At noon time to go to the gym playing basketball comes to an end a meal

at home online! Then after dinner on the bed
e community college2010-03-06 18:20:59 +0000 #6
I am now a fitness enthusiast, so you can see the intended point of reminding me:

you want to muscles need small to large weight slowly, but it consumes your body fat, so that You will become increasingly thin, in fact, you are not thin children as a bad thing, I have a friend and your fitness much the same, he is now practicing in a very sturdy, because I practiced with him every day, I talk about him is how to practice the bar

1, first do not look at body weight, every day, adhere to in accordance with the continuous increase from small to large weight exercises. because it is thin when you start from practicing, so that the muscles must be very fine after excel at a very solid look good

2 , that is concerned about your nutrition, that is, weight gain, eat more beef and vegetables a day, eggs, eggs can eat, but eat one day, yellow, the other yellow eat, you can feed small animals, eat a lot of cholesterol on the high, it must be a reasonable and healthy fitness training and weight gain to ensure that the balance of animal and plant protein intake, does not like you usually eat dinner before, and every time you want to eat some of

3, to ensure adequate sleep, sleep right weight gain and long muscles are the best way.

4, two days training once, not every day, training, exercises every day, would not achieve the effect of increasing muscle, because muscle is also a need to repair and rest, and take advantage of a good time to fitness opportunities, orderly practice, according to their own plans and not go to see other people

first stop here, I hope you can understand, whether it is weight gain, or stronger, are based on your own situation in formulating a good workable fitness plan, a simple do the same action done on the OK, and Guizaijianchi, support your friends, refueling bar ")
grim natural2010-03-06 19:28:29 +0000 #7
want to eat meat, beef, chicken and so on, is not recommended to eat pork. generally can not eat too much. exercise in can be long-distance running, or sit-ups
45977259782010-03-06 20:47:20 +0000 #8
day sitting inactive in most fattening! an hour to eat a meal, eat high-calorie foods!



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