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I am 240 pounds was a student organized a fitness card want to lose weight, but too expensive for a

Weight Loss Long2010-03-06 17:11:45 +0000 #1

Ghost ¤ childe2010-03-06 17:16:50 +0000 #2
In fact, the most important thing is to keep weight loss to meet the aerobic exercise, it is recommended you choose the gym

I started last October 6, 3 months in the gym lost 36 pounds, (I am 188cm, prior to 98.6kg, now 80.5kg)

I suggest you to do, first of all , to give you a word - "one-third of training, and seven points to eat," if you not control your mouth, then I ask you now to abandon it, because you can not succeed, although the control diet is a very painful parts things ... ... I have to lose weight, when the first two months, the staple food is whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, plus a small amount of yogurt and fruit, moderate meal, whole wheat sliced bread, I usually eat three bags a week ... ...

points to note:

First, the rice and noodles to eat, but in moderation, because your body needs carbohydrates! ! This is the most basic ... ...

Baituo second, milk, yogurt, why not drink? Is it because they contain fat Mody? You can go to the gym to ask, only the professional fitness, the only drinks low-fat yogurt or milk, we have a normal drink some, will not have any side effects, after all, you reduce fat, reduce fat intake does not mean you do not all with fatty foods, then you not live lived ... ...

weight loss plateau, then is sure to encounter, I have a platform about one and a half period of reduced body weight 90kg, when about 2 weeks time, I through increase the amount of exercise and frequency of spend, but really bitter ... ...

followed by sports, I was in the gym with aerobic equipment plus method of aerobic exercise suggest that you at least 30 minutes each time, the reason is very simple, before the 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, consumption is the level of your body instead of fat, 20 minutes later, the body will slowly come back to the fat into energy consumption, so that at least 30 minutes for each exercise, sports End avoid Do not immediately a lot of pay, must be adequate, and certainly should not touch the carbonated drinks! ! !

I was basically at the gym schedule is the case, initially 5-6 times a week, every 90-120 minutes, the first 40 minutes or so is the exercise equipment to stimulate the muscles to prevent weight loss after "Pison" problem, followed by on the treadmill or elliptical machine, doing a lot of aerobic exercise to burn up the fat, the first week of basic in the amount of about 20 minutes, then slowly on the amount of not less than 40 minutes of basic / time, remember that aerobic exercise without interruption, must be coherent, in fact, the wound and the Shier, nothing difficult, I am in the gym basically is that these

, and asked once again, we must control shut up! Absolutely can not eat: meat, butter, ice cream, fried foods, chicken skin, egg yolk, carbonated drinks, as well as high-sugar thing is everything! I wish you good luck bar, exercise is the best way to lose weight will not only reduce fat, but also for your heart and lung function of the body of great help! If you have questions at any time during the weight loss to me a message bar -

Do not pursue weight, which is fitness, let alone a layman's point of view

You are completely unnecessary, simply, to lose weight is to increase your amount of exercise (a lot of aerobic exercise ), reduce your calorie intake,
confusedguy2010-03-06 17:54:57 +0000 #3
lose weight, running and cycling personally feel the heat consumption of relatively large, while yoga is not bad.



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