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The posture of a child holding something wrong, how to correct

Silver Fox there is good Mexican Mexican2010-03-06 20:11:08 +0000 #1
the child folders thumb and ring finger up and take things, take the middle finger above the ring finger. Looked awkward, things get bad. Emphasis on good stuff out. How to correct.
Shan-rong2010-03-06 20:23:10 +0000 #2
kids how old?

Age a big if you can direct oral teaching him the right to take what position, if the age of small, then it Shoubashoujiao bar

Also, look at what is holding things, and if it is to use chopsticks ah sort of thing, not a important too, then it was him from the bar, after all, appropriate for the child to go its own way, according to their own preferences to do things for the good of the children

there is to see is not regular, for example, Take anything like this, rather than something specific so only take the case, it would be necessary to correct the specific methods to correct a lot of weight, but also according to age, if younger, then you can try to make his figure out the correct position to pick up some gadgets, you can deliberately to teach, you can in life to do his subconscious, for example, when the kids go out and let him take a plastic bag, the appropriate add some weight, so that he felt Take ring finger, then there will be inconvenience, you let him use the middle finger, he switched to the middle finger holding the middle finger than ring finger, I felt more comfortable, have slowly changed over the. Some older kids, you're grandma's supervision of education, that no special methods, because the child has formed the habit and see if he acquired the development, if he has been using the ring finger can really get things started but a less stable , later gradually stable, is also no need to change, and if he took things ring finger, has been unstable, in life there are many many things when he could Nabu Wen, that he would himself try to correct the , do not require you to go out to teach him

Finally, teach you a little ruthless, and absolutely, is also the most effective, known as "could not bear children, not change bad habits", you can sneak in when the child was asleep , in his ring finger with a knife gently draw a hole in the daytime when he awoke, the wound scarring sure, and he definitely used to take things to come and collect the middle finger.



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