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tuowenzai2010-03-06 23:10:57 +0000 #1
junior high school, we are 5.50 am to 6.30 to go to school out of time for exercise, how to enhance the physical fitness to keep going? (Jobs can not for the moment, can finish), replying to a good catch 200 points
Laona - to hit a2010-03-06 23:17:04 +0000 #2
third-year ah .. time is very tight coax -

from the morning Forget it!!

Morning run 10 5 minutes ago .. in the Morning Reading! do not have to run very fast .. jogging fit - slowly is also OK -

not only have the effect of exercise can also be sober .. .. head off the next sleep -

during recess time .. kicked out of the classroom to the outdoors .. what legs, pulling a pull arm 呀 .. .. breathing fresh air -

because the third-year in the classroom the majority of people are buried inside .. .. an entire classroom of carbon dioxide are very likely to cause halo of the whole person .. body weakness Huhu!! So, relax .. they are very important to the next Oh - but do not come out of each between classes .. even if there is Kejian Cao Well!!

nap wake up .. After the abdomen can be in bed to do some exercise -

is a simple lie flat on the bed .. .. .. legs close together and release both sides of the hand - and then slowly lifted his legs and 45 ° .. Do not bend. . insisted 2,3 seconds .. and then slowly put down - and then they repeat this action until the abdomen .. a kind of sense of soreness lasts - stick to your abdominal muscles strong can make a lot .. will not only learn to eat on a daily sleep and came up with a small pot to - you can even have a nice abs .. perfect curve - also have exercise to the legs, Oh!!

to the end of school hours 啦 .. happy time-go to the playground is the best running啦 - not because of the intense campaign get tired of getting up tomorrow morning .. is very effective aerobic exercise to coax!!

do not deliberately to demand long run .. and run their own sweat on the list - very good for the body The Na!! not only lost the toxin row .. burning body fat .. and let your muscles fully relax - I would suggest is to finish the rest after the next .. and then go straightforward bath!! Chong washed out .. one day the pressure of fatigue -

Finally .. it is after dinner to study up this time 啦 -

go for a walk is a good choice .. just to go look at the scenery .. .. so easy under the eyes, under -

all the time .. it is fragmented and would not be an excuse to learn about and turned down - for example the use of the toilet between classes .. drink plenty of water to these small time - Guizaijianchi -- Also physical exercise .. not fall to learn - Hehe .. I am also someone who has na

- I suggest you do .. to train under some of their own interest in sports does not like to play basketball .. it .. can choose badminton these light movements class - the body of revolution, capital-na!! sure to keep a good body .. have capital to fight!!

in the examination is almost to 啦 .. I wish you well in obtaining results - was admitted to the ideal high school to coax!!! !

Best wishes -
the shadow of your smile2010-03-06 23:55:09 +0000 #3
can be realized as long as the determination to run

1 between classes is not only exercise the body but also to improve the running of the examination results very effective

2 in the school playground after school to run

playground inconvenient, on the way home from school run
bingshangfeihu2010-03-06 23:32:47 +0000 #4
The key is to a happy movement, develop your sports fun game ah what can be done, let your parents or brothers and sisters to accompany you to play, there can also be and classmates to play with, after-school playing the basketball ah, playing Daping Pang ah, ah, and so a competition was held, the winners will receive a reward.



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