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Muscle will affect the development of junior high school students do (⊙ _ ⊙)?

aabbof42010-03-07 02:11:32 +0000 #1
I am a second year student, his physique did not feel good, want to exercise but was worried about impact of development.

Also could help me to develop a winter workout plan?

I promise to give the best answer to an additional 50 minutes! ! ! To personality swear! ! !
yi jian Gone with the Wind Blood2010-03-07 02:27:55 +0000 #2
Q too broad 啦

If there is to be properly trained favorite sports, play well, it would also handsome, the body also stick.

If you did not run it, I used to poor physical condition, neck stiffness suspected cervical disease, suddenly stood up would be Halo. Later into the basketball class week in and week long-distance running, and now the body Bel rod, Games He holds first (although sprint 4 * 400 relay).

To the body much better than others, we must have the resilience and to enhance the training day, reaches up and down. However, many ordinary people can play, I'm not tired. A hard one harvest,

added: If there is no treadmill at home (Na Wanyi right knee damage) of the class can only do a stretch class. Inverted, the former roll movement of the operator and the like is not fun. In fact, I do not recommend home exercise, get out more.

Dunqi can be done at home, push-ups, sit-ups, can be an appropriate tired. Games money, I at 50 Dunqi breath, static squat (upper body straight, knees 90 degrees) 2 minutes. Students generally do Dunqi

after class to go jogging, a good

but the best is to play basketball .... that is able to exercise but also a long sub
tayuko2010-03-07 02:27:14 +0000 #3
What did you practice to see if the bounce give dumbbell training will affect the height weight of a class not to practice the arm muscles and leg muscles of what abdominal muscles can be
a0006135792010-03-07 02:48:07 +0000 #4
Brothers, do not practice as far as possible, and I also like when the junior high school, Internet search, they say, will affect the exercise in this age group development, such as height and so on. Should be running properly, so that pairs of physical and mental health. Have said that.

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