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Fitness upper body, the request receive adequate guidance

Ο caterpillars Θ2010-03-07 05:11:03 +0000 #1
I: Height 173 Weight 125 is about 19 years of age. Cause the entire upper body a little bit too small skeleton ugly (Shoulder Width is too small, and lower body do not reach the proportion of hip bone), no fat, want to have receive adequate guidance , so that a more generous upper body more, usually wearing more clothes look more big and tall.

Do not line the day after tomorrow's efforts! please give some advice to ...

Has there been practicing push-ups are dumbbells, fairly little effect

Please do not copy
antipruritic toilet water2010-03-07 05:21:10 +0000 #2
Bar T-shirt in order to prop up, and comprehensive exercise the shoulder, chest and back. Shoulder the visual impact, the most effective is the level of development of the deltoid muscle. Acquired can be improved - but still have some skeletons and natural association - through the exercise does not become perfect, but it may be able to sculpture a nice body symmetry -

Practice the shoulder, then you can cook dumbbell move, there are side-Ping Ju leaned over Lateral Raise exercise after the anterior and middle deltoid bundle. Uplift and leaning lateral raise is best able to do four groups, a group of 12 or so trying - lateral raise, then you can decrease high-intensity approach to practice, such as 20 pounds in 10 do first, then non-stop, tight Then do the 17.5 and then 15 and then 10 of this decline, a total of four groups, the specific weight of their own ability to see, probably mean that this would be very stimulating in the beam deltoid muscle, the four groups be regarded as a large group, do the two groups on the can be a -

you have no other actions, but to do an action once a 4-5 team, a group of 10-12 months trying is the most effective load increases muscle size. Generally a practice related to a major muscle group along with a small muscle groups. Chest and triceps, back muscles and biceps, shoulders alone. A large muscle group exercises four action once an action 4-5 group (a slight repetition of moves does not matter)

push-ups, then, the general weight-bearing will be too small, but you can practice there are carved chest muscle endurance type, when you finish, after all the actions , grit one's teeth trying to do push-ups to completely put the power consumption of your last in it, so long muscles -
rest on the hands2010-03-07 05:48:36 +0000 #3
push-ups, pull upper limb movements, etc. ...
Sophia black hole2010-03-07 05:34:03 +0000 #4
go to the gym to do more training of upper extremity movement. a long time on the list.
Like a Dream Wei Liang2010-03-07 06:53:36 +0000 #5
play sandbags Well, hand wraps cloth

a day to play one hour and then 50 push-ups sandbags

Inverted 3 minutes

10 minutes

chest-pull In this case plastic very quickly, and when we train to do so, very good



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