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Zhengzhou, near the gym recommended Jinshui

raocan892010-03-07 08:10:41 +0000 #1
1, who lives in Wei'er, Jin-Shui passing a three-way that is recommended in the vicinity of the gym.

2, the price is reasonable, winter vacation to practice, it is best able to do on cards, suitable for students
stream mapping Huarong2010-03-07 08:23:31 +0000 #2
gym Tingduo, and most of them are chain

to your list down, and You see, first go around in circles and see how the environment like

art fitness center, Regent International Agricultural Road, Cardin Jinshui variety within the big stage (near dawn Road) -63697707 -

X-BODY Ai Bo Fitness (East 3 Street shops) Jinshui the northern section of East Third Street, No. 5 (red special junctions) -63975111 -

X-BODY Ai Bo Fitness (Zhongyuan commerce shop) Bisha Kong Central Plains Central Plains District, West District, 4th Floor, Commerce -67713122 -

New Fashion Fitness Club Tube City City Road East on the 18th -66312800 -

* * * Ryoko Fitness (DRC waterways shops) Jinshui Golden Waterway on the 2nd -65994444 -

-dimensional body of Fashion Fitness Club (Culture Road shop) Jinshui No. 85 Wenhua Road,

elite fitness club Mall Road, Zhengzhou City, Dong Ming Road intersection Maoxiang Building, 9 F 0371-66636853 -

the golden age of Australia Reiter Fitness Club Road intersection Tongbai Longhai Road and the sixth floor of the Arc de Triomphe 0371-60972345 --

Victoria Road Body Shop Fashion Fitness Health Club Road, Zhengzhou City Health Plaza, 2 Floor, 168 Hualin 0371-63969583 -

Beisi Dan Dance Sport Fitness Club, Garden Road and high-yield road intersection 300 meters off the West Tigers Tuen Walking Street Building B 2034 Room 0371-65740101 -

Golden Sun International Fitness Club Institute of Light Industry, Dongfeng Road, opposite the East 100 meters 0371-63758988 -

* * * The new fashion fitness club Dongming North Road and Castle Road, 100 meters south west intersection -66312800 --

Young Marshal Times Health Club Navigation Road and East Timor Tongbai Road intersection at the entrance to Lake Gardens North 0371-66816666 -

Long Wei fitness equipment store Accord Star Community

O Reiter fitness club shop Wei Wu Hua Wu Lu Wu Hua Hotel, 3 F



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