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Skipping how long after the stretching exercise

Toot Jiang2010-03-07 15:10:28 +0000 #1
I stepped down the stairs on the heel pressure be stretching exercise? ? ?
Definiens2010-03-07 15:25:47 +0000 #2
In general, the full range of stretching exercise time is about 10-12 minutes, doing action should be in place, we can bring the body's joints, ligaments are open. But also conform to the prevailing weather conditions of temperature, longer or shorter. To feel the body temperature rise, but to maintain smooth breathing. In this way full range of movement to do down, with the warm-up and stretching, long-term exercise calf muscles will not be over-inflated, it will only become strong and appropriate tension, the curve nice and beautiful.

Specific approach is as follows:

who stand up straight, one leg backward as far as possible step by step, maintaining soles touched the ground behind Na Tiaotui to keep straight, forelegs bent, the body vertical. Arms and try to pull next. Persist in 8-12 seconds, change legs and do it again.

Who stand up straight, one leg stretched forward and keep straight, legs bent, body slightly forward stretched his arms in the former strain. Persist in 8-12 seconds, change legs and do it again.

Who stand up straight, Qiaoqi a leg, his hand to seize the shoes, as close to the buttocks. Maintain a balance between hip, knee, feet close together and upright Na Tiaotui slightly bent, if the difficulties of maintaining a balance, you can Fuzhu wall or a chair. Persist in 8-12 seconds, change legs and do it again.

In this way, a set of actions on the done. After skipping the stretching action is very important. Especially young women, are always suspect that will make legs thicker rope skipping, skipping, I remember after the end of the muscles can do some stretching movements evenly distributed to prevent the phenomenon of radish legs.

In addition, recommend a video tutorial, want to help you:

rope skipping rope skipping is not Tuicu way ---- after stretching -09-30/45.html
cspiaoxue12010-03-07 15:50:01 +0000 #3
This is the toes movement, but it should also be regarded as a bit stretched bar



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