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Order to increase muscle weight-loss program high marks

killer can not have Love2010-03-07 15:10:43 +0000 #1
I am at home, no money to go to the gym.

Have a pair of 10KG dumbbell. High-181CM, weight 85KG. A lot of fat on the waist and abdomen. Want to lose weight and increase muscle. Demand a detailed plan, daily exercise is the youngest are listed (all of the movements I can practice, no equipment, no way), I better follow suit. Good, an additional 100
Yin Wood2010-03-07 15:14:31 +0000 #2
mention briefly about the specific actions bar name is not listed

first day of the abdomen, chest triceps exercises

The next day the abdomen back and biceps arm

third day of the deltoid muscle exercise waist, abdomen, legs throughout the fourth day of practice

every movement of abdominal exercises five groups rest 30-30 seconds between each movement break 2-3 minutes

this is a cycle of abdominal The remaining four days a cycle of four times a week to do the movements with dumbbells posture on the Internet do not have to search you can click an action on which specific action to do what feels good on the move

thanks to your 10KG dumbbell restrictions may increase muscle will slow down, but the shape will definitely be a holiday there is a leap than it is now

Fat Reduction Mody 3-5 times per week aerobic conditions, do not know if you have not run any better to go outside for half an hour morning run each day (morning run before drinking a glass of honey water) afternoon or to find a its own feel comfortable period of time to conduct a 40-minute jog around breakfast time and attention to diet dinner lunch break a little after eight Baofan will then have to walk a half-hour walk can not stand a half-hour dinner, not everybody eats meat is basically is that these can not be running, I just use fast walking, or skipping instead of what did not understand can then contact
qd8141372010-03-07 15:47:40 +0000 #3
diet - a jog every day, preferably - 10 to 20 minutes Jogging - even brisk walking - can also be - if it is twice as brisk walking, then increase the time -

seated alternate dumbbell curl A. Exercise focus areas: the biceps B. Start position: sitting on stool at one end of two hands each holding dumbbells, hanging side of the body. C. Action process: the one hand, a bell bent Zhijian ago. And then slowly down, while another hand-held bell bent. Hands alternately to do curl. D: Training points: Some body-building champion like at the beginning of palm down, bent, make the wrist go out before the shoulders. Back down again when restored, so that training more effective. A group of 20-30 months - to do 3-6 Group - dumbbell weight - the largest movements to do the standard weight of two thirds - later you can slowly increase - can be added to the three quarters .

Horizontal dumbbell exercises birds

A. Key areas: the pectoralis major and deltoid. B. Start Position: Sit on flat bench press bench (bed can be), both hands, each carrying dumbbells, palms relative, pushing until the arms straight, supported in the upper chest. C. Action process: two sides holding dumbbells parallel to the fall, a slight elbow flexion, dumbbells, and falling to both sides of the chest muscles are stretched fully a sense of falling below the shoulder and make the upper arm horizontal. When the dumbbell drop, you should inhale deeply. Ling Xun Yuanlu holding breath when lifting back in situ. D. Training Points: If the dumbbell to fall on both sides, the arms, such as the state was straight, chest muscles would be difficult to get the feeling of stretching and muscle contraction. 20 to 30 in a group. 4-6 Group

standing dumbbell hammer curl

dumbbell weight that you can do this the action of one half the maximum weight. After not say a

A. Key training areas: the main body-building muscle and biceps brachii muscles. B. Start position: upright or sitting position, two arms drooping naturally straight, holding a dumbbell, tiger's mouth forward. C. Action Process: two upper arm to the elbow axis at the same time by the side of the body bent with a dumbbell, on the forearm forced to tighten, pause 2-3 seconds, then exhale, holding bell slowly restored to the side of the body to lay down their repeated practice. D. Training Highlights: right grip curl, the two upper arm stationary, straight grip wrist bells, not the inertial force with upper body swing. A group of 30-40 months - 5-7 Group

sitting arm back of the neck-arm flexion and extension

A. Exercise key areas: the triceps. B. Start Location: sitting on stool, feet flat tread on the ground, holding his right hand bell, palm forward, straight at the top of the head. Left care on the left waist. C. Action process: the right upper arm close to the right ear, are not allowed to move. Bell Park, holding a semi-arc of falling to the top of the left shoulder holding a bell drop as low as possible. Then, right arm triceps contraction force, holding up raised to restore the bell. Repeat to do. The left and right hand alternately doing, to accomplish the same number of times. D. Training points: holders of Bell diagonal to the first fall after falling to the rear than the direct effect of better training. 20-30 a group - 4-5 Group

Sit back rest

A. Key training areas: the biceps, pectoralis major, deltoid and teres major muscle and so on. B. Start Location: body supine, hands slightly behind the stays in the stool, the feet on the lower bench on the other parts of the body floating. C. Action Process: breath, shoulders relaxed, arms slowly elbow flexion, the body sink as far as possible (in particular, Shen hip), pause 2-3 seconds, then inhale, stretch his arms propped forced to restore the body. Repeat to do. D. Training points: arm flexion and extension when the medium-speed stability, the body should be straight, elbows to arms inside the folder. Raise the height or weight-bearing foot can be difficult to improve training and increase load stimulus. 10-20 a group of 4-5 group

A. dumbbell bench press exercises focus areas: the pectoralis major, deltoid and triceps. B. Start Position: Sit on flat bench press bench, feet flat tread on the ground. Two hands holding dumbbells straight upward. C. action process: to make two straight arm to the both sides of the open, his arms slowly flexion, dumbbell vertical drop, and fall to lowest point, that is promoting for cook, when pushed breath. Then push up until the opening position, repeat do. D. Training Points: Do not arch the back and buttocks, or hold your breath, it would be to lose muscle control, is dangerous. 15-20 a group of 4-5 group

resting leg sit-ups

A. Exercise key areas: the upper abdomen area. B. Start Position: Sit on the ground, the legs resting on the bench in parallel, so that the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, his hands could pay $ & * in the chest, or hold his hands cross each other on the back of the neck. C. Action process: slowly so that shoulders to the knees bent, swollen shoulder bone from the ground up to 1

2, when the British to keep still for a second. Then, return to the starting position. Repeat to do. D. Training points: When the pike contraction, in order to better enable abdominal muscles contract, causing lower back close to the ground. The introduction of weight training courses in the initial stage, the completion of each quote, we should avoid using dancing, playing the leveraging action. 20-25 months a group of four teams to 5 groups

start flinching sitting position while sitting on stool, his hands back stays in the stool. Method of Direct legs forward. Action process shrink from the calves, knees, the highest possible point. Rectus abdominis muscle contraction and complete a second, then slowly landing leg until it is completely straight. Breathing method of reduction when the suction from a calf, landing breath.

Note that the main points of this a little more easy, and its role in the knee on the size of the whole to mention the speed of the high and low and movements. The more slowly the higher the greater the smaller the contrary. 20 a group of 3-5 group

squat jump or take off with - a high leg lift - that is done a group of squat jump - rest 10 seconds or so to do a high leg lift - done, rest 10 seconds or so - do squat jump - (squat jump a group of 4-5 - to do four groups - high leg lift a group of 30-40 - a group of Gaotai-time control to do in 30 seconds, do 4 sets .)

can be done Monday dumbbell bench press, sit-back rest, standing dumbbell hammer curl. Jogging every day, require some I do not have ah - remember that every day there are

2 weeks to do seated arm neck flexion and extension arm, seated alternate dumbbell curl. Squat jump with Gaotai. Horizontal Dumbbell birds

3 weeks rest, under jogging on it.

4 weeks resting legs to do sit-ups,, seated alternate dumbbell curl. Dumbbell bench press.. Sit back rest. Push-ups

5 weeks with a high leg lift take-off. Resting leg sit-ups. Sit back rest, standing dumbbell hammer curl. Dumbbell bench press

6 weeks rest. Jogging alone is like a

Sunday - Zhizuo push-ups, sit-ups. Squat jump with the high leg lift, but also jogging

from a diet point of attention is like a

exercise time limit - 1 hour before meals, after meals for an hour - a half-hour before sleep like a --

to avoid unnecessary pressure on the stomach - and excessive movement - the cerebral cortex caused by over-excitement - due to insomnia -.
Half-Blood Dragon2010-03-07 16:19:38 +0000 #4
huhe555552010-03-07 15:41:24 +0000 #5
slip-drawing point of ice every day, a month at least once a month on the lean by 30 jin
Fitness SOS2010-03-07 17:36:22 +0000 #6
1,181 CM, standard weight should be around 76KG, you must first reduce fat and increase muscle has. Fat below the waist and abdomen are more often sitting and do not explain how you move. First, this was a change of lifestyle has.

2, there are no other instruments, have dumbbells, adjustable weight if it is then even more better. Can be stimulated by different intensity of your muscle groups.

3, Fat Burn to grasp low-intensity, multi-frequency, long time, with diet, living habits, we can achieve a multiplier effect.

In addition, because your information is missing, I can not formulate a fitness plan for you, maybe I am a bit irrelevant answers, but I have to do is to give you a scientific direction for a large range of guidelines.

An effective fitness program should include

1 / fitness before the warming-up

2 / fitness movements reasonable arrangements, such as refining a few days rest, the main day which actions such as refining.

3 / each action should be note, the appropriate picture display and video display, and the number of group number, number, group breaks, and strength of the control.

4 / fitness to relax after

5 / fitness diet after the co-ordination, one-third Lian, seven parts to eat.

6 / life habits of cooperation, good habits, and thus develop a good fitness habits.

you look at your exercise program is now used, is not included several aspects of it that . an effective fitness program is not just get into the online copy, and a thoughtful fitness respondents would not be so easy to write a fitness program, fitness program to suit their needs is the most effect. from their various of detailed information on starting, and then developing targeted programs suitable for fitness in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

view of the above, the right to adjust their own plans about it, hope this helps. I am not for points, you do not give me all right, but wanted to use their own knowledge, really do.
q86620682010-03-07 17:21:26 +0000 #7
Louzhu hello

There are many ways to lose weight. The choice should be to the physical weight loss weight loss and reduction of food mainly. Oral drugs should not be dominated. Commonly used weight loss methods are: ① preventive diet; ② campaign to lose weight; ③ behavior to lose weight; ④ mechanical weight loss; ⑤ sauna to lose weight; ⑥ gypsum weight loss; ⑦ paraffin weight loss; ⑧ surgery to lose weight; ⑨ massage weight loss; ⑩ electronic weight loss. Weight loss drug which is not pan available. Drugs to lose weight is in the above on the basis of physical and chemical effects of poor diet before taking a final weight loss methods. France has appetite-suppressing drugs to lose weight and metabolic Promotion Act. There are many side effects weight loss drugs should be avoided if possible.

Obesity not only affects the physical beauty but also to the inconvenience of living, more importantly, it is easy to cause a variety of diseases, accelerated aging and death. How do science to lose weight? Medical experts believe that: the scientific ways to lose weight is to control caloric intake and increase activity levels, and to achieve a balanced diet. Weight loss is a systematic project, be constant, daily, Guizaijianchi, and there is no way the touch into the crash. But if you can have some diet to lose weight never clever, and for your weight loss is very helpful, and may you have a try:

1. To develop weight-loss goal (ideal or standard body weight). Write it on paper, attached to the place where you can see every day.

2. Weight loss diary writing. Make the card or chart, mark the number you plan to weight loss and completion.

3. Drink plenty of water. Boiled water to drink 78 cups a day of water for the body's function is the most basic, and no heat, can be the most suitable diet drinks.

4. To have perseverance and persistence. In the course of a moderate diet, not to "try" and to "uphold." Delicacies to be restraint in the face of appetite, moderation.

5. Control calories and fat. We should always be careful of food calories in the diet should be decreased to some fat, increase points of fish and poultry.

6. Eat light. To eat less salt, eat more salty things, the more they eat. Those who eat processed foods with a sauce, these things are rich in sugar, salt and flour, it will increase your calories.

7. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eat in moderation with fiber and more fruits, vegetables and whole-wheat bread.

8. A balanced diet. Organize their daily schedule balanced diet, keeping in mind that timing, not brunch. To slow down time for a meal, a meal period of not less than 20 minutes.

9. Negative calorie balance. Please keep in mind the principle of weight loss: calorie intake must be less than your consumption.

10. To establish a good way of life. Please remember that you are learning a "way of life", to correct previous bad eating and living habits.

Lose weight, there must be patience and perseverance, adhere to that success!

For reference, I mentioned earlier that the problem, which is User-fat, and learn about it, in fact, the best way is to diet + exercise, really, I have less than 30 kilograms, and is now very well-balanced A

the world's most effective, most convenient, not to spend money, or starve to lose weight ways to lose weight 3 days

Apple bear fruit

we all know, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apple's consumption function, has been confirmed by many scientists. For example, do not have to starve, do not have to take medicine, do not have to spend money, as long as 3 days of pure eating apples, fed up, you can reduce 3-5 kg. This is Japan's popular "on the 3rd Apple Diet."

Apple contains more potassium,

less of sodium, can reduce blood pressure; apple pectin can lower cholesterol; apples contain flavonoids, can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and induced a heart attack; apple is very rich in antioxidants ,Can reduce the occurrence of cancer.

So, Apple is a very healthy fruit. Think, if the three days of pure eating apples, you can lose weight 3-5 kg, while maintaining a healthy, then you are willing to try to do?

Apple's basic knowledge of weight loss

eat apples weight loss benefit is not hungry, hungry eat apples. Because it is a low-calorie foods, regardless of how much to eat, are no less than daily intakes of calories, and yet much, and therefore to reduce weight naturally.

Eat apples people who lose weight while also improving dry skin, allergic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

Want to know that our appetite is controlled by the brain. When the central nervous system issued a "eat, eat" instructions, you will become very greedy.

However, no matter how delicious the food, eating more will be greasy. For example, you like cake, but if the same type of cake after dinner and can not endure a lot of blocks, right?

Similarly, during weight loss in Apple, one to eat two or three apples, then your brain will tell you "belly eat a" directive, so the apple does not actually eat too much calorie intake is not more.

If you have no way to implement a three-day apple diet, you can start from one or two days. As long as you have to do, there will be results.

, For example, you can practice one day a week from the beginning, so get used to, and then increased to two days or three days. Not accustomed to people, preferably not more than three days, so as to avoid central nervous system dysfunction, but will lose weight after overeating become fat than the diet ago.


① way to lose weight for three consecutive days eating apples, do not eat other fruit and food.

② You can follow the time to eat three meals a day apple, or the hungry eat, eat up.

③ no matter what kind of apple can be, but preferably red apple. Green apple sour, fear that they will stimulate the stomach.

④ apples to eat fresh, but also to wash peeling, to avoid residual pesticides.

⑤ In three days, the thirst, you can drink boiled water or tea will not provoke, such as mint tea, barley tea, red tea, Houttuynia cordata tea.

⑥ weight loss during the period, your stomach will be very sensitive, so to avoid drinking beverages with caffeine such as tea, coffee, green tea, oolong tea so as to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

⑦ in Apple during weight loss, if there is constipation, could be the third night, drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil Runchang to promote the excretion of toxins accumulated in vivo.

3 days after the diet points

3 days after the end of the apple diet, as far away from spicy food, so your stomach will be very tender, taste is also very sensitive, and the stomach become smaller.

The fourth day started slowly coming back to your diet can not eat a lot of food at once, in particular, do not eat snacks. The first three days to resume eating, the best start spur of the moment began to eat tofu.

In short, the weight loss to resume diet, food should be light and not be excessive, such a result, the effect of weight loss will continue.

Apple to lose weight is equal to the body the digestive system clean. If you really fat and wanted to do an apple on the restoration of body weight loss is impossible. The best once every two months, until reduced to ideal body weight up.

Apple be able to lose weight 5 Reasons

① because food intake decreased, so gastro-intestinal and other digestive organs can be recovered. Diet during weight loss through eating less, or on a regular basis, allowing the digestive system a rest and restore the original function, and normal operation.

② Apple diet increases renal or gastrointestinal function, body exhaust emissions, purify the blood. It will divert the body's blood stasis (the old sewage residue of blood), Supian (old feces), water poisoning (which causes swelling of the reasons) discharges, the body becomes more healthy.

③ Apple to lose weight so that the human body to reduce calorie intake, less than part of the body needs to heat the supply of savings. The so-called savings in energy that the body fat. Excess body fat is consumed, people will naturally be getting thinner.

④ obese people are almost always due to overeating Ershi stomach expansion, beyond the control of appetite. Apple diet can stomach shrink after weight loss becomes easy to control appetite, and taste become normal, not like spicy food or greasy food.

⑤ Apple diet can promote the formation of blood leukocytes to enhance the body's resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, helps beauty beauty.

1. To reduce calorie intake: If you decrease the daily calorie intake of 100 kcal, it may be about 5 weeks after the weight loss 4 kg.

2. To change the food structure: no reduction in food intake, while the corresponding changes in food structure. Using a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains to replace high-fat foods.

3. To eat liquid food: food with liquid instead of the daily diet, but attention to the selection of food should be readily available nutrients you need.

4. Walking to lose weight: persist in walking exercise. at least 5 days a week, 45-minute walking exercise every day and traveled about 5 km (to maintain a certain speed).

5. Outdoor Sports: 3 times a week --- 5 outdoor sports, is a consumption of body fat, improve the vitality of a good way. but each time in more than 20 minutes.

6. Weightlifting Sports: by strength training also enable you to lose weight, because weight lifting can increase muscle, the more well-developed muscles, the body metabolism and faster. In order to avoid injuries, the best a coach.

7. Do not eat too many drinks : water instead of drinks.

8. The best diet: to reduce the fat and calorie intake while exercising. This weight loss method to lose weight while enhancing the strength, can promote cardiovascular health.



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