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18-year-old fitness will affect the long sub-do

666's knife2010-03-07 21:10:16 +0000 #1
just this year, 18,182 cm, 66kg, I felt too thin, to increase muscle (not fattening), winter vacation want to go to the gym, for fear impact of a long one, how can I do to live up to my purpose?
Maronite Christians2010-03-07 21:14:07 +0000 #2
If Louzhu in the fitness of time to do some stretching exercises, such as: show back, chin-up, etc. Not only will not affect, but also can help increase, while if it is the initial fitness recommendations appropriate training, you can find someone to take you two weeks to teach individual and private, are familiar with equipment plus training methods.

If you want to increase muscle, just a month or so after eating eggs white powder (do not listen to coach Huyou, practice will then eat them). Chest muscle groups first, and thought they could make you look Zhuang some.

Hope Louzhu help, do not understand can ask me, pay attention to gradual and orderly progress.
eiolee2010-03-07 21:41:31 +0000 #3
182CM, and again not much affected, and not you want to be a good long Martian high?

All right, the fitness would be beneficial to your body, you are not lifting not it?
Lemon Candy Cat2010-03-07 21:27:56 +0000 #4
182 high in 呀 ... ... Do LZ would like to grow up to 190? ?

In that case, fitness should be no problem, my brother 15 years old, 176, also in fitness, however, is to look at Do not be excessive, do not practice weightlifting these things you will Crimping be no problem on the bar -



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