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How to train my abdominal muscles that, help out

Ouyang Li Li2010-03-08 16:10:52 +0000 #1
My 14-year-old started training in March last year, abdominal muscles, as I am a bit of fat on it with my practice is the case

1 week 5 times, each time skipping the first 45 minutes,

and then doing sit-ups 150-200,

and then do leg raise 90 ° and 30 °, then the air Dengju 15 minutes, finished the stomach after the beating with a wooden stick (not too heavy), one is relaxed, there is a want to abdominal training hard

Question 1:

Now, I have been out of the shape of the abdominal muscles, but is stout and strong type, waist circumference, or large, do not like, I like the small 6, between the thin waist, looking very hard, it is capable of the kind, then how should I do next?

Question 2:

As I often beat with a wooden abdominal muscles, so now, when tightening the abdominal muscles in the abdomen and lower abdomen, very hard, and did not feel the beat with a wooden (not Shaolin Lohan stick), but why the upper abdomen, stomach Department of the little triangle where the swelling (and do not eat things that are also drums) is soft, pressing a no fat on the outside, and can be gently pressed down to how and a half and then the small triangle of abdominal training can explain the ?

JIANG Xue-Lei2010-03-08 16:15:23 +0000 #2
easy to handle,

sit on, but do not sit up.

There is a branch legs up, quick to do sit-ups in order to head off to the knee as the standard.

With the above two kinds of ways to make your thin waist down, while increasing strength, so that you harden that little triangle.
philipcity2010-03-08 16:18:46 +0000 #3
only a single muscle group exercises is extremely wrong

we must have the body to exercise the plan, or muscle development is not balanced, would be very difficult to see

the first to point out that skipping too long, sufficient 15 to 20 minutes, or no effort has

and then one too many times, indicating the weight is too small, plus the weight! ! ! !

Abdominal muscle isolation training, preferably every other day, so that abdominal muscles have rest time, three times a week is enough

abdominal muscles are the core muscles, any of a large muscle group training session, they redeployed to the abdominal

So, other The muscles are also practiced with the bar

can figure
dukewei122010-03-08 17:20:32 +0000 #4
I have seen my brother nine fast muscle. You practice out of that muscle that is yours. .
King King 8882010-03-08 17:53:11 +0000 #5
aerobic decomposition of proteins Games impede muscle development, you should reduce the skipping of time, it is best not skipping.

Best to do sit-ups a negative ring, and the next day training, 30 times, five groups do too much no good.

Remember the snacks after training is very important! Fill some protein and carbohydrate.

I wish you an early excel at three-dimensional "King" character abdominal muscles!



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