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Precautions on the morning run

football pitches Jordan2010-03-08 18:11:27 +0000 #1
winter vacation, and since I work in partial fat, so decided to go running. Running can reduce the weight?

I would like to go running during the morning. But heard that the morning air is not good. But do not want to PM out. the morning to go run do?

how much time to run right, run before and after running Notes What is this?

try not to copy.
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-03-08 18:22:26 +0000 #2
morning run Attention

1 , not suitable for large amount of exercise morning run. Therefore, to walk and jog speed can be, in the amount of running after the end of practice breathing and stretching exercises. The total time control in 25 minutes. In the can stick your morning run, the best partners to find an exercise.

2, do not eat before running, you can drink a cup of warm water.

3, there should be some preparation before running sports, such as pressure stretching, Shuai Shuai arm.

4, early morning runs the best time determined according to the season, usually when the sun had just glimpsed the best, winter is usually around 7:00.

5, after the morning run to rest 15-30 minutes before they can eat breakfast, breakfast to ensure a good, general selection and the relatively light nutritious food, such as milk, eggs, bread, fruit.

6, morning run to the spirit of the day people have become better, there can be four days a week running, three days interspersed dumbbell exercises more appropriate.

1. Can not eat breakfast before the morning run because the food into the stomach needed to digest this stage, after the morning run Chiliaozaocan body's blood will be concentrated in the extremities, blood in the stomach is almost zero, so that only the stomach and the stomach of food directly to friction, when the time will appear in the morning run in the stomach symptoms, long-term this will be gastritis or gastric ulcer occurs. (If you want to achieve weight loss results, then you need to run the full 80 minutes in the morning run in order to achieve the effect of aerobic exercise, otherwise it will do things their anti.) Preferably breakfast cup of milk with a piece of fruit.

2. Note that Chen Lian before drinking water. When you drink a glass of water 250CC generally about the best cold water, the water temperature at 15 ℃ or so is appropriate in general. Thus, cooling in summer can quench their thirst, the winter is not caused by water and to stimulate the mouth and stomach. When drinking a little slow, in order to not feel bloating is appropriate. After about 10 minutes to drink can participate in morning exercises.

Note that after the early morning should drink a glass of water (cold or warm water) to dilute the blood viscosity, rid the body of accumulated toxins, in order to play "inside the washing" effect. Then defecation to minimize the large intestine on the intestinal re-absorption of toxins.

Should light morning exercise the right of "lifeblood" is the first day's program starts with a "switch effect." Allow people with mild morning exercise a day full of vigor and vitality, and can enhance a sense of humor, wit and artistic appeal, there is not easy endocrine disorders, and have less anxiety, improve sleep quality role. All this is in the mild morning exercise can enhance the human body clock based on the order of the. Morning exercises are degrees, Wei Han basis in order to bear fruit.



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