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Several sets of push-ups per day divided into several groups to achieve a chest

443,444,7072010-03-08 18:11:41 +0000 #1
17-year-old, 1.75CM 115 pounds a day, how many do push-ups done right? In several groups? To the maximum extent, and would like to train chest,
Feng Xi mad2010-03-08 18:15:32 +0000 #2
day five groups, each doing 30, the

15 minutes each compartment.
Here is Dong Dong2010-03-08 18:29:35 +0000 #3
1, push-ups can be said that the best way to hand fitness chest, one to give it my all-around fighter nicknamed played by different arms from the high-status changes and changes in training can achieve different effects Now I simply say something.

1) a general push-ups. Pad before and after anything, slightly more than two hands from the shoulders wide and down, when affixed to the chest should be almost. This action is the key to stimulate the muscles of the middle chest, followed by the deltoid and triceps before the beam.

Day, 3 sets can be, if you can independently complete a set of 12 times, on the back plus a little bit of your load to do a small weight, such as the barbell films and so on.

Hand too high, push-ups. Mainly the upper chest muscle exercises, newcomers can not do anything because you had no chest, first chest workout up the middle to say, this action is to further perfect your chest until done, belong to high-level exercise program.

Pace lifted. Exercise the lower chest, also belong to high-level exercise program.

2) both hands shoulder width distance ratio. The main training triceps, and pectoral muscles of the inside.

At home, fitness, the first three groups of hand wide push-ups, in the three groups narrower hand push-ups, we can, and there are spare students, two movements for each movement five groups enough, not more more Well, in the shortest possible time with a strong stimulus to the muscles, if your training time is a marathon, it will only consume a large amount of physical strength, and exercise when time is of hormone secretion 1 hour or so, if more than this time, effects of poor training. .
zfxyxy2010-03-08 18:22:16 +0000 #4
I am in high school a day 100 push-ups, practicing for two years, nor any increase in breast muscle. Well, even if you do 200 push-ups a day, or president of a great chest.

Brother, would like to practice must have a chest muscle strength, go to the gym bench press exercises, and I was the age of 17 from the High School gymnasium during the summer, and now I am on the senior, and chest very type! Practicing bar!



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