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2010 in the test would like to add exercise to lose weight

Yao Meng-yu 〓 ◎ 〓2010-03-09 07:10:22 +0000 #1
I am not a good sport, mainly the long jump No

I have more emphasis on academic classes, "sharp"

So do not be too much time to exercise stovepipe

and you want to help you look at the -
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-03-09 07:14:32 +0000 #2
Think about it, when you do not wish to jump very far? Then Li Meng hair so 啦.

I have just practicing sports in junior high school time as well.

So, I suggest that you first have to relax state of mind. Body relaxed, hair force have a better effect.

Then, less hair strength to do every day experience of action experience.

Of course if you have hard-hearted, run run, practice very leg strength. Good.

Arm, arm strength, when in your hair, but also the coordination of Oh! Very helpful! Pedal-hop, fast waving arm.

Also, you know, long jump is not entirely to jump Oh, there must be a certain height

With the height, will have a longer fall time, can there be a longer time to move ah

this is also need to understand is the forward leg lift to the top of the jump abdomen to look for chest

Do not worry knee extensor floor you will find that they can jump very far

to start with the sand in the grass and thought oh, to understand the

before going to bed can also think of the right action and think about jumping very far far away

I wish some were effective and I have the same problem of you jump farther than I do in the future

As for the stovepipe fuel bar do? ? Efforts to find a way that the next running of the benefits of multi-ah

my whole body is good for weight loss is the basis of

ah can not be lost legs thick and there is no direct relationship between the genetic and want thin legs, you can massage every morning and evening five minutes or more (remember to push from the bottom up), you can also Hing Wah Street West toes, in the calf and tie sandbags up and down swings, multi-swimming, multi-walking, to achieve the purpose of thin legs.

10 girls, nine said that he leg fat In fact, the body can be regarded as the most leg is not easy to cut one of the site, because a calf is the body's weight, an important support, it must have a certain "weight" At the same time, many smaller OL movement, stand or sit too much, so that foot Ministry of blood and lymph system activity slowed down, poor metabolism, likely to cause leg swelling or fat too much.

1, on the stairs when the lift heel, to the legs bear the weight, which can be eliminated Xiang inner thighs and buttocks of the warts.

2, sat on the chair when the two legs will be forced lid together, count from one to eight and then switching legs. Repeated this action, breathing Do not stop. This exercise leg line.

3, when watching television sitting on a chair, knees do not bend, will lift one leg, then down, repeated 8-10 times this action pulls the other leg, you can get rid of fat on both sides of the thigh.

4, when walking, when Hou walking speed, as far as possible to go far bigger, so that all the leg muscles can get exercise. Simply means that the dynamic walking. This walk
emporer9632010-03-09 07:37:49 +0000 #3
right not live, so I really will not, rub two minutes left Oh
春 の onions2010-03-09 08:15:07 +0000 #4
stovepipe ... . I have no way --- you can do more to leapfrog - began to be hurt leg, but more so, they can exercise the leg muscles will be able to jump further ahead of ... -
close_t2010-03-09 08:02:38 +0000 #5
If you like the eat fruit,

weight loss can have an apple to lose weight, eating apples has a sense of fullness, not feel hungry, hungry, eating it does not matter, does not gain weight for.

Yogurt is also a good weight-loss products, but choose to look at the above indicated yogurt fat ≥ 1.0%

if the high fat yogurt is not as good results (I usually eat days of the Friends of Bifidobacterium yogurt, glass of , there are laxative effect)

then is the whole-wheat bread, eat whole grains can also lose weight

If you eat too much greasy stuff, you can drink tea, but also to help break down fats

greedy can chew sugarless chewing gum

There is a sleep early at night,

1. can be prevented in the evening want to eat something difficult to control

2. You can sleep at night, the body detox, do not boil the night, the skin is not good

and then three meals a day

morning, you can easily arrange to eat, will not gain weight, but can make lunch and do not eat too much (remember not to eat deep-fried kind, or pasta), eat a nutritious lunch

8 hours eat, remember the meal stand for half an hour

the best dinner eat rice, drink some vegetable soup, fruit, yogurt can be

8:00 after the firm is no longer eat

If you have constipation, can be up in the morning, when a cup of honey and water, can also prevent more than Suannai Constipation

a day at least once a bowel movement, defecation from the discharge of waste inside the body, the skin is good or bad is also essential.

If you diet to lose weight, the speed quickly, but the rebound much faster, because most of them were lost moisture, if the resumption of normal diet, body weight will naturally rise.

Exercise to lose weight would be more tired, but moderate exercise to lose weight is good, more will make their own fear or avoid sports heart, so do not over.

Diet + exercise is the best

This is my personal experience derived method, is definitely not copied to the
winter thunder2010-03-09 08:35:52 +0000 #6
jogging 4-5 miles a day, persist in 2 months results



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