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Why do more practicing lines clearer, but they did not last long meat?

a1152153172010-03-09 07:10:35 +0000 #1
Eat well, sleep is possible. The issue should be out in the exercise. Lines are shaped by, and may be why the light did not last long long line of meat? Looked mediocre in , it is difficult to see!
clown er2010-03-09 07:16:27 +0000 #2
There are a few questions. And the person's muscle growth is not the same. Looks like a small muscle mass, but muscle density is different. . The higher the density, the greater the power.

The training process. More than the number of small weight is biased in favor of plastic training. On the contrary

great weight of a small number of additional muscle

generally heavy weight training, you may be regarded as the maximum weight of 80% did 6-8. . And so on 100% of the weight like 2-3 months. Some protection is better circumstances. Otherwise, very dangerous.
lyplovehyf2010-03-09 07:47:59 +0000 #3
shit In fact, your muscles have a good 啦 like long pieces, right before you begin practicing the weight is not big enough I think you should be more engaged in exercises of speed and strength so there did not block you want to be an absolute power of practice is the great weight of practice



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