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How thin hips

ぁ Shadow Master §2010-03-09 11:10:57 +0000 #1
I would like to ask how skinny hips ah good to have more specific plans usually are lean approach is to exercise the hip hip muscle, but it just makes more and more ah, where specialized training, like the gym where the muscle of the equipment will allow where the muscles are becoming too many, but not easy to slim down as more of the ah
small subunit's husband2010-03-09 11:22:51 +0000 #2
correct posture and precise, and then relax the body, once again forced to tighten the lower body muscles and thin abdomen and buttocks after 20 seconds and then relax. Persist in 3-5 minutes, long long ago ....... so they can look at a body-building tips Society. A month later you can see results after 3 months results clearly, stick to half a year, they can shape the future as long as you can under the occasional workout. However, the shape and personal physique, it can not insist.

If you are a male, you can Gaga me, I send some exercise tips for you.

Can refer to the somewhat complex under
magictuo2010-03-09 11:26:06 +0000 #3
go to the gym is to train the muscles of the


I want to train quite hard without a lot of girls in yoga class

They say quite good so

How old are you and thought to see Uta




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