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Chien-Kai basketball2010-03-09 17:11:35 +0000 #1
I am a southerner, on October 1 this year, 17 years old. In Dugao Yi, playing basketball six years, height 143 grade 6 this year, 175, weight 62, one minute 60 push-ups, chin - up 30, 50 sit-ups, run and jump can only be touched rebounds, 50 m 6 seconds 4, vital capacity, 4800. 40 kilograms of grip strength, back strength 120 kg, since the more powerful that the hands, thigh strength of weak, 1: Does this When they encounter the risk of the body can protect itself? 2: Also, how kind of the overall physical balance? 3: There are long-high room do?
Maple Whispers2010-03-09 17:19:05 +0000 #2
first question, whether the danger to protect themselves, according to the data you are mentioning you can not predict the viability of some of the other depends on your data, such as whether the swimming, endurance that is the duration of static grip the horizontal bar and 5,000 meters above the long-distance mass, body balance, etc.;

the second question, the overall quality of the mid to upper part of good, very good, engage in active physical exercise would be better coordination, such as leg vertical inverted and so on;

third question, certainly, men mature on average at 23 years old, according to your current development situation, certainly there is room, as well as height and also have some genetic relationship between father and mother's height must degree of influence a child's height, you need a variety of factors determine the final height, the proposed multi-bath, fitness, run and jump exercises and so on increased benefits!



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