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Health problems 50 minutes

Sleepy Long o2010-03-09 17:11:48 +0000 #1
I am now 184,63 KG, go to the gym a month ago, I bought the private education, have not yet finished
, probably in April before going on to finish, I want to excel at the same size as the Kobe Bryant Jordan ,

I probably go three times a week, I would like to know what the site every day to practice, practice several groups, each practicing how to know a few

excel at practicing the weight of the same size as the Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan probably long

Please help me to develop a plan, there is a plan to practice 3 months is not it?
Green cat with nine lives2010-03-09 17:18:12 +0000 #2
Do you teach the private did not give you any plan to do? Get money too unprofessional and suspicion of the bar.

Here is my plan, only saying that when a reference:

Exercise Part I:

I am fitness three times a week, every day intervals.

For the first time the chest, humerus 3

the second time back, brachial two to the third leg, shoulder

to do each part of the four kinds of action / equipment, each doing four groups (each a gradual weight gain), each 6-12 a

on the number of times, once considered a group trying to achieve the best frequency of 6-8 times, try to do to ensure a total of 50, (column: 12 a group to make four groups; 8 a group to make 6 groups; 6 a group to do group 8)

Nutrition Part I:

7:30 to get up: bread / cereals, protein powder milk, a spoonful of + 10 points: bread / sausage

12:00: General Lunch

16 points: bread / sausage

19:00: General Dinner

[20:30 -22 points, fitness time]

22:30: protein powder scoop + milk (if a day of rest, do not eat eggs white powder, but it will increase meal bread / cereal)

more than 24-point plan to use the bed for one year should be able to

Generally speaking, an amateur bodybuilding, muscle shaping required three years, if you want trained in a very robust, at least get 5 years.



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