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No equipment to train the back muscles

Star will fall2010-03-10 00:11:03 +0000 #1
Which friends can recommend a number of indoor exercise the back muscles method?

Now go to work no time to go to the gym, could not find a single parallel bars, there is no effective way to do free-hand? Need to do to buy dumbbells?

Another pull-up is not very realistic, and the family door too narrow, not catch.

Looking forward to everyone's help.先谢 too ^ ^
plate silk Daisen susu2010-03-10 00:16:11 +0000 #2
push-ups can be tempered to the back muscles, as well as the body muscles. Muscle stretch and contraction exercise needs simultaneously to be able to balanced development, there is a yoga asanas can be back muscle exercise. Do try to keep an empty stomach or eat until a small amount of liquid food, so keep one-third of the stomach can be fed.

The first group of movements; the first joint activities in various parts of the body, choose the prone position, chin, the legs slightly open with the shoulder width, hands, after in vivo cross fingers, palm root together tight, tighten the shoulder blade. Inspiratory time, relying on the strength of lumbar back to leave the floor with the upper body, arms extended to the distance, palm root away from the hips, buttocks tightened, thighs suppressed the floor, taut feet, make every effort to raise the body up. Breath, slowly put down the upper body. For 8 times / group, with the breath, do three groups. Done to do a group of five respiratory adjustments.

The second group movements; choose sitting, feet close together and his legs stretched forward, heels firmly placed out, try to maintain the pelvis erected so that the two ischial contact with the floor, back straight. Breathing, with two arms extended upward, the rear shoulder muscles to relax, breath, trunk forward folding, two-handed grasp the big toe (or ankle, knee), try to make the abdomen, chest, forehead and set their eyes on the legs. Maintain the heel tread out, stretching the back of the thigh tendon. Then relax the upper body and maintain eight breathing. Breathing, with starting to restore. Do three times a row.

These two groups is a strong vertical ridge moves a muscle, a stretch the latissimus dorsi. With the exercise allows you to get a balanced muscle tissue. At the same time is also curved spine flexion and post-exercise, the first exercise is that it gives your body a more dynamic, stimulating the spinal cord circulation, active nerves. Second Xingnao a tranquilizer and slow down the heart of the pressure effect.

As long as you can stand to do so, three months, will let you back up stronger. Do not forget to practice when the re-look at both sides of the psoas stretch.
harroc2010-03-10 00:34:36 +0000 #3
No instrument like the back just to practice very little I do not know but there may be incidental to the other with the practice to find a chair with his back to the chair

1 stays on the list

good there is to fight back to do sit-ups exercise of



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