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Body is very thin

yblaobing2010-03-10 00:11:10 +0000 #1
thin by the body: shoulders, narrow, oblique, upper body can be exposed rib types of refining Zhuang Yao? To what extent is not a rib Zhuang Zhuang, I am talking about the body large and firm, almost Hubeixiongyao's. After a 18-year-old developmental stages of the
kbt people2010-03-10 00:19:28 +0000 #2
exercise can be, and you most of this situation because you have bad digestion and absorption, I suggest you go to the hospital to look, first, how can you stomach conditioning conditioning. And then to the gym to do some anaerobic exercise, exercise pectoralis major, biceps, triceps, back, deltoid, legs, look into a few large muscles, there's type can be a



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