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Guide children to stimulate the cerebellum can be said that a detailed point of sports do

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Guided child program rationale

Our brain primarily by the brain and cerebellum of two parts, the bottom of the cerebellum in the brain, capacity, accounting for brain volume 10 %, neurons accounted for 50% of the entire brain. Can be seen, it is the busiest area of information exchange is responsible for the information transmitted to the body from various regions of the cerebral cortex. In addition to the traditional understanding of the cerebellum to maintain body balance, mediation muscle tone, coordination of body movements, the recent scientific studies prove that the cerebellum is also involved in language, cognition, memory, attention, emotional and other information processing. Therefore, if the brain is our "thinking center", the cerebellum is our "center of expertise." The cerebellum in the learning process will be particularly active, and many life skills, repeated after exercise, it will become an automated response, without hesitation can directly do so. For example, novice drivers learn to drive stage, we must think about how to do the next step and feet step on where the steering wheel to turn a few laps ... ... but as long as society, we no longer need to remember each step 11, we can naturally the car was very smooth. In other words, driving has become an automatic skill. Thus, the cerebellum in our learning process and our automation of general physical skills to play a significant role, but each one of us will be the operational efficiency of the cerebellum is different.

When the cerebellar function of time of less than ordinary people, people from learning to understand that become automatic and unthinking will be able to complete its work function (for example: riding a bicycle, reading books, etc.) will be affected. Because of the inefficiency of the cerebellum, the brain in order to fill the gap, in operation even more difficult, even if your brain is normal intelligence, some of the things that ordinary people can do without hesitation, you need to use more brain power and time to complete . Because you lose automated features, you have to re-adapt to each study and hard work, the results of this study will be greatly reduced. Even ordinary people are very easy to do things, you have to add several times the effort to complete. Over time, interest in learning will gradually subside.

If you are diagnosed with reading and writing difficulties, motor coordination difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or related symptoms, is potentially a cerebellar developmental delay. Center guide children through a sophisticated scientific instrument testing and evaluation, to understand the brain development situations. Then, according to results of the assessment, design tailor-made personalized program guide children.

Guide children in terms of the program is simple in principle, that is: to stimulate the cerebellum. In other words, guide children programs are directly aimed at the root of the problem caused by learning difficulties - cerebellar developmental delay, in order to exercise the automated mechanism to stimulate the cerebellum, the brain to improve the management of reading, writing, attention, motor coordination such as the efficiency of a specific area, but also Once the improvements, not backward, this possibility of changes in physiological characteristics of the brain known as the "plasticity of brain cells (Neuroplasticity)".

Therefore, the non-drug, highly effective guide children program is based on individual tailor-made, using the cerebellum with a large amount of information processing functions and brain has plasticity theory can not effectively process the information for the cerebellum, with a gradual increase of the movement pattern of specific of the cerebellum region, the provision of appropriate sensory stimulation, nerve pathways and to promote the links to expand and improve the efficiency of the cerebellum to process information so that you no longer suffer from learning difficulties.

Not the same as the derivative of children

children with learning difficulties will not appear in the body, and even adults, from different backgrounds and different races of people are affected. Some of them do not necessarily know these problems, even if one knows the time in finding a solution is often different information will also be too much confusion, at a loss. Finally, it will only delay the solution to the problem of time or let the matter rest. Center hopes to guide children in these areas of misunderstanding to provide a clear, theoretically based, efficient and reliable program to those in need of help

guide children has found that certain aspects of movement can stimulate the re-development of the cerebellum, and make them deal with increased capacity of information. So, after the University of Sheffield and other academic institutions, 10 years of research and development, design a set of non-drug campaign program to help people with learning difficulties. Guide children with learning difficulties the program directly from the source of the problem - cerebellar developmental delay to proceed completely solve the problem. As long as the cerebellum to improve operational efficiency, re-give beneficiaries the ability to learn and preserve the skills, relevant symptoms of learning difficulties will naturally be improved or disappeared. They can regain their confidence and lead a normal and happy life, so as to achieve various goals in life.

Each of us is different and individual, the operational efficiency of the cerebellum is not the same. Therefore, the program will guide children to use the most advanced equipment testing out the extent of the effectiveness of the cerebellum, which according to the results of the first assessment of targeted personalized program designed to make improvements. And will test on a regular basis to track progress and continuously adjusted and refined programs in order to achieve the best results. Eventually enable them to release the existing potential, study hard.

In general, children guide the program has the following differences:

1. Science and medicine based on the theory;

2. Personalized non-drug campaign program;

3. Learning difficulties for the root of the problem to solve;

4. To improve the effect is measurable;

5. Support tens of thousands of successful cases.



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