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With regard to doing fitness doubts, hope and answers, thank you!

cool5512010-03-10 09:10:30 +0000 #1
I am now 22, because suddenly there is great interest in fitness, want to do a fitness coach, but I have some problem has not yet made clear is about starting to listen to the question

said that training for fitness instructors need to research, half of Take the card, then I do not work if the body fat more? I have not practiced the last year or so, she is good to compare in order to go on the test? heard practicing bodybuilding to participate in the competition to take rank worth upgrading for better change it, keep the body well in this process, do their own practice? Enhancing the Zaiqu exams take permit? a bit incoherent, I hope you can understand
waffenssmars2010-03-10 09:12:51 +0000 #2
based on personal understanding of the three elements of


Coach eloquence


3 business shape the level of

First of all, you know, coach is also the kinds of sales so eloquent first,

second, you have seen grow a dislike of the coach do?

On the cards this issue is very depressed

a lot of coaches do not permit can also be induction, this is a question of the relationship

but if you have not seriously practiced for a long time, then you need to test to improve the operational level of about

games ranking of little use, good athlete is not necessarily a good coach

but their must be practiced, otherwise scripted always fail
BBS Dance2010-03-10 09:47:24 +0000 #3
coaching easy to be a good coach is not easy

That is to learn what the theory really is easy to , learning the theory you have a coach qualified to
, but the actual operation? individual constitution not the same, how training, and better, each person what kind of actions are not practicing more smoothly books can tell you, this was the practice . So, if you just want to mix anything to eat, the certificate directly to the exam does not matter, but you really love this line, then you need to start with themselves, to feel, learning experiences, how the experience of training, with the experience of only good to teach others.

I am also a bit incoherent
82,062,3452010-03-10 09:26:45 +0000 #4
Coach do not necessarily permit the ability on the line



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