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Recently in stretching, and some questions.

jiagame2010-03-10 11:10:41 +0000 #1
... ... This year, 22 bar pressure for a month or so, each time the pressure on two legs ... ... a 3,4 minutes, on-line talking about warm-up, you can run so many, I do not want to run, they do some push-ups and leg stand tired to do so far. Way is to lift one leg and then bend down to the kind of pressure method. Posture should be correct, and are now able to force the body paste legs. Online has been talking down to his chin touching his knees ... ... I tried it, it seems impossible to come across his knees bent legs ... ... I paste it into the upper legs, so that can guarantee the complete seamless closely aligns IT and found that chest before I go to the knees, It seems like my head could hit the toe is not possible ... ... toes have recovered enough to choke ... ... and I do not intend to reaches that degree of ... ... as long as it splits on the list. But I also found a problem, do the splits when I do not upper body straight up, only forward tummy, can not think straight, it seems also need to pull the thigh front side ... ... Is it just to practice before the stretching can not do splits? Must tie in with post-stretching?

I want to ask is, I do press work? Time enough? Some people put it 1,2 hours, it was said a few minutes to, and those who say that 1 hour is that with the warming-up a total of 1 hour, or simply stretching the time necessary to 1 hour? If the latter is too perverted a bar ... ... and my warm-up method can do? There are online talking down to the pain so far, what is pain? Burning it? I feel the time pressure, unlike the pain to the pain can be said ... ... or the pain just a little more is uncomfortable, it is difficult to endure hard for me to such a degree enough? Every time I press End stand straight with legs affixed to the palm, but the pressure until there is difficult and can be pressed into the Han level very easy at any time?

scattered remains Yun _2010-03-10 11:25:05 +0000 #2
I am a school dance, stretching every day. In fact, more pressure will reduce a lot of pain. pressure 1,2 hours of professional competence of our things.

bone boys than girls have been hard, but also 22 years old, long bones, a long shape. so strong pull a hard pull will be injured, I suggest you step by step manner.

a beginning is impossible pressure 1,2 months hours.

You can increase the stretching of time.

5 minutes, as each leg a few weeks and then re-set for each leg for 10 minutes.

approach has a lot, do not understand can come to ask me.

the last that the stretching must take the knee straight, even if the body farther away from the legs, bending the knee stretching does not make sense.
Northern god of wine2010-03-10 11:45:20 +0000 #3
stretching is painful and can first practice kicks, and do more preparatory activities, Under the ruthless short, one should kungfu.
Osan snowflakes as big as I2010-03-10 11:33:26 +0000 #4
are not going to dance, but fitness, as long as the forehead, knees can hit on it.

Stretching warm-up on the first place at a very low pressure, and have a higher resting 5-6 minutes after the place.

Then you have a very strong. Can practice standing on one leg, another leg Gedao head above the years, this practice is also very easy word legs.

Suitable for their own is the best training methods.



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