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Fitness to do push-ups, right triceps pain over the left triceps.

bcmnvxz2010-03-10 23:11:15 +0000 #1
n long time did not do push-ups, most recently done under the muscle is normal for a pain up. But the right triceps hurt more than the left triceps. Is it uneven force problem? There are ways to adjust yet? Or other problems? No note of these before, it seems not such a situation. If this continues do not want to do to avoid the development of imbalances.

In addition, how to do is focus on training pectoralis major, deltoid exercise is what to do?
℡ № 12010-03-10 23:27:51 +0000 #2
is that you do not practice for too long, and if every day, insisted that there would be no pain. I began to do it, too, then, adapt, and now doing 150 push-ups every day, plus 300 sit-ups are also not expressed any discomfort. Also, push-ups and training muscles, especially the upper body, abdominal, chest, biceps and so on, but the effectiveness of the offensive, if you want a certain part of a short time go to the gym to train the proposed Sports Training
wushangwen71172010-03-10 23:20:00 +0000 #3
you are a force estimated to result in uneven, and the other, you do push-ups to "slow down the faster," idea to focus on the target muscles.

Fingers forward to do the main attack chest, fingers relative to practice breast and brachial three of my fingers is the opposite brachial three previous excel at push-ups, and the other to increase the difficulty, you can be hands and feet of the separation of the three benches, the or use a push-up frame, so that your body will be lower to the horizon, and the following vacant, would be very effective.
Seven whore worm T2010-03-11 00:34:30 +0000 #4
muscle soreness is normal, take a break like, and push-ups can be divided into several types, the general practice of two, wide-arm push-ups and narrow-arm push-ups, wide-arm the main train chest, narrow main training arm deltoid . There are two kinds of male major muscle Lianfa, push-ups and training ground under the chest muscle; feet placed on the steps to do, practice is on the chest
Next month cycle of2010-03-11 00:40:23 +0000 #5
I have here a method, and I wonder if you do not use?

Single hand dumbbell (bear some), sitting, stooping will be grip dumbbell arm affixed to the inside of the thigh so crook of the arm extension, repeatedly, can be an effective training arm muscles. Biceps the main pull, 1, you can use big arm dumbbell flexion-extension can be carried out, and stretch the time do not put in the end, so that the biceps force is always there, you can use Schwarzenegger approach, there is a pleasant sounding name 21-gun salute, that is, what are you doing dumbbell arm flexion-extension of the time, because from the stretch to bend the total amount is 180 degrees, you can in three steps, the first step to do 90 degrees below 7, the first two-step at the top of 90 degrees to do 7, the third step, 180 degrees for 7, it can be decided according to the weight of your dumbbells number. 2, in a single Kangshang doing pull-ups. Triceps is the main push, 1, push-ups; 2, bench press, 3, in the parallel bars do arm flexion and extension; 4, posterior arm.

Each group to achieve the limit. Remember not to do every day can be carried out every other day, every time you do anaerobic exercise is to destroy as much as possible of your muscle tissue, and then sufficient time and nutrients to repair damaged muscle tissue, allowed to grow, said the white Muscle is the anaerobic exercise you done a long time to rest.

Science and fitness, will have a perfect muscles.



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