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Wang Mei yoga there is no suitable yoga practice has given birth to ah?

Smug kittens2010-03-11 02:10:16 +0000 #1
Pulled my wife would like to join, but he had just given birth two months, do not know if there is not, to be a accompanied by easy to adhere to.
small white face z2010-03-11 02:16:54 +0000 #2
I have practiced yoga before pregnancy, pregnancy after not practicing. Pregnant with a child of 40 kilograms, and now to go out wearing maternity, fat people ah Mo Lianxian. A month after practicing yoga before I went to a place to prepare and then practicing yoga, but yoga instructor told me that this museum is not open post-natal yoga yoga, post-natal six months can not be practiced, and I was a Caesarean section depends on the recovery after six months in order to determine be able to practice.

But do not say there is a special post-natal yoga, I see some of the book also said that the puerperium can be practiced 呀.



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