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Women who trained in Sports Aerobics will definitely excel at muscle women do? Is there a way to com

trainlee22010-03-11 02:10:30 +0000 #1
I love practicing aerobics competitions, but now fear that their muscles are not trained in a boyfriend like a girl in the future will be mind
quiet Zhiyuan ‖2010-03-11 02:23:23 +0000 #2
Do not worry, no, the muscles through the Strength training with diet to achieve, aerobics is not a system of strength training, in order to let you know in more detail, I'll give you hair an article, I combine theoretical knowledge of the book, as well as their own practical experience to write come out, you will fall in love with after watching bodybuilding fitness exercise.

On women's issues for strength training, female friends, often talking about a dumbbell, barbell, when will be in conflict, fearing their own training with these devices is hard to imagine a period of time after the president out of the terrible muscle, this is actually a very a big misunderstanding, first of all let's talk about strength training for female friends who benefits.

Strength training allows you to have a healthy and sexy.

Most do not love sports, especially women, even if the weight is normal, there will be higher than normal fat content. This is because of their lower lean body mass higher fat content. Strength training consumes about 300-500 kcal per hour, the heat, and can improve the health of those metabolic rate. For each additional pound of muscle will give fitness more than those who burn 30-50 kilocalories per day, which means that each year natural minus 1.5 kg of fat, which is a permanent natural Dietary Fat Reduction. Body weight ratio but also in the same circumstances, the fitness than those who do not exercise more slender, it is because the distribution of the same everywhere in the body weight of the meat's muscle fitness proportion of high-fat, low level, rather than the relative movement the level of body fat is necessary, whereas the volume of fat than muscle at 20%, so from a fitness point of view those who look to be significantly more slender body, sexy.

Strength training has a good sculpture physical effects. For strength training you can slim down the whole way, while the convex bulge to place. Muscles have gained better look, the skin will become more strained, more compact arm visible. You can thin waist hip. Your upper arm and thigh become sexy elliptical rather pudgy bodies, and these will increase the women's three-dimensional beauty, in the summer will be a bright spot.

Strength training 3-4 times a week, every 30 minutes to an hour, let it be a part of your life, become your habits, then you will have a vibrant, young and healthy body, you can be more easily cope with any work, whether in daily life, or under special circumstances. Those who do not exercise after the age of 30 on average every 10 years to reduce 10 kg of muscle, in other words the 10 kg of muscle fat and people will be talking about hoarding of fat in the body. If strength training year round, you can even time in the 80-year-old still has good body!

Terrible bar osteoporosis, 50% post-menopausal women and one-eighth of the men are suffering from osteoporosis, and even the normal activities have the risk of fracture. Strength training with the calcium supplement (menopausal women need about 1,500 milligrams of calcium a day), combined with running and other forms of high-impact exercise is to prevent osteoporosis, the most effective way.

Read these I would like female friends are most concerned about is why strength training will not grow for you in terms of terrible, ugly muscles of the bar, then we come to talk about it, in fact, you are not will excel at like that.

You know, muscle growth is not only training on the one hand, the male hormone secretion is a very important factor, while the women's male hormone secretion is one-twentieth of men, even if it has the same training and diet, female fitness those who will be the muscle growth rate lagged far behind the men, 20 times.

Let us come to talk about from the diet, I would like female friends, whether for strength training or aerobic training is to reduce the fat or body weight, has a perfect body and begin to exercise, but to lose weight and have a good body of premise as well as the key component is to control calorie intake, when you maintain a low calorie diet, when to increase the muscle content is actually very difficult. Strength training can help you in reducing fat while maintaining lean body mass, persevered result is a more slender, sexy, more vibrant body.

Female friends, the muscles of the eyes behind the kind of terrible are incredible exercise frequency and high intensity, while a female friend of the strength training 3-4 times a week, every 30 minutes -- 1 hour is enough, under such conditions, even if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger, is also difficult to train out of your eyes kind of terrible muscles.

Finally, to say, female friends, you really think that the muscles are so easy to practice out of it? Muscular, as well as bodybuilders who are the kind of full of muscle continuity from year to year, the hard, systematic training and carefully arranged in order to build out the next diet, while also transcend the ordinary people's determination and to endure hardship spirit, in that the back muscles are full of sweat, hard work and persistence, a little exaggeration to say to you, your eyes kind of ugly, horrible fight out of the muscles are desperate. And you do exercise frequency and intensity of strength training is only the most preliminary stage, so you need not worry that they will because of the excessive growth of muscle strength training.

Want to read through the majority of women in this article make a friend out of strength training for the errors, improve people's understanding of the bodybuilding movement, so that bodybuilding to become part of our lives, so that every Chinese person's body are filled with healthy , vitality and fashion bar!
Gundam R2010-03-11 02:46:09 +0000 #3
women rarely excel at bodybuilding contest, as the muscles, rest assured that practice, the main highlight shapely, more injuries if the body forces, or not to practice as well.



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