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What is the order of movement? What is aerobic exercise? What is anaerobic?

rainlx2010-03-15 12:10:50 +0000 #1
What is the order of movement? What is aerobic exercise? What is anaerobic?

Sit-prone running baby, said pull-up jump rope skipping and so on. ..
Hao Wen2010-03-15 12:19:17 +0000 #2
Aerobic Exercise:

means the exercise metabolism to aerobic metabolism-based endurance exercise. Aerobic exercise can raise the body

the high oxygen uptake, increase heart and lung function, is the best way to achieve health effects. Aerobic

exercise, including walking (walking, brisk walking), jogging, playing, swimming, climbing, cycling,

aerobics, tai chi and so on. Aerobic exercise is characterized by low intensity, rhythmic, uninterrupted and continuous

a long time. With weight lifting, running, high jump, long jump, throwing, etc. with the explosive action of non-aerobic transport

compared to aerobic exercise is a kind of regular physical exercise is for 5 minutes or more have the energy of the


Anaerobic exercise:

anaerobic exercise is a relative aerobic exercise for the purposes of. During exercise, the body's metabolism is accelerated to speed up the metabolic needs of consuming more energy. The body's energy through the body of sugar, protein and fat catabolism come. In the exercise is not significant, such as jogging, playing badminton, dancing, etc., the body's energy supply comes mainly from aerobic metabolism of sugar. The aerobic metabolism of sugar as the main supply of energy, movement is what we mean aerobic exercise. When we engage in a very intense exercise, or a rapid outbreak, such as weightlifting, 100 meters sprint, wrestling, etc. At this time the body requires a lot of energy in an instant, and in normal circumstances, aerobic metabolism can not meet the body at this time the demand, so the conduct anaerobic metabolism of sugar, to quickly generate a lot of energy. The movement in this state is anaerobic exercise.

Movement of oxygen intake is very low. Too fast too fast and explosive force due to the human body through the oxygen decomposition of sugar was too late, but had to rely on "anaerobic energy supply." This event is held in the body to produce too much lactic acid, leading to muscle fatigue can not be sustained after exercise, feel muscle pain, shortness of breath.
China's Need for Oil2010-03-15 12:25:59 +0000 #3
campaign there is no strict order, but there are some principles that may need attention: the

1. Adapted to local conditions: Life is movement, there can be no excuse for not movement, from small jumps in the office, doing the deep breathing to stretch the limbs, to the account or gym targeted campaigns are campaigns.

2. Because of-a-wish: different people, different physical conditions of the movement requirement is not the same, there are heart disease can not strenuous exercise, such as strenuous exercise after a meal is not participation. General motion with their own favorite good length and mainly to achieve the fastest heart rate 200 - age or more than 120 times can be.

3. Step by step: start a movement must not be too big, too long, likely to cause fatigue or even injury, adhere to increase the amount of exercise after a week or add new movement. Also, if a more intense exercise must be done prior to the work to relax the muscles before exercise.

4. Persevere: habit is to change the destiny of the most important and most saving power. Movement, perseverance to achieve the best results, a larger amount of exercise a week should be a campaign to have once a day for more than 30 minutes of continuous and time-consuming exercise. The movement must be thinking of doing a good job at any time to prepare.

Above, is the principle of the movement set by leaders, hope to comply.



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