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Aerobics instructor at the national level, what purpose?

Hit the go2010-03-15 23:10:52 +0000 #1
Many people say that a certificate of the country getting smaller and smaller gold content, and get the certificate at the national level can not be a coach, I still need to test the national level certificates?
China Fitness Expert2010-03-15 23:14:17 +0000 #2
You say the situation is also true, and now a lot of training, lack of social responsibility, a lot of training, three days to a week, such a short period of time to learn what? Even learned to not very solid. Hua Yu Fitness Specialist School is the best option, you can get a month demon training Aerobics Association of the State Sports General Administration awarded the "National-level aerobics instructor" certificates of qualification; may also apply for countries issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security The vocational skills certificate of authenticity "National Advanced fitness instructors." Both certificates are now considered to have been recognized certificate! ! ! China Henan Institute of Fitness Specialist course is very rich: the mass aerobics, dance, pedal, kickboxing, hip-hop, Latin, cycling, aerobics, fitness ball, barbell exercise, body balance, yoga, belly dance and the world's most popular group class projects, as well as professional training in personal coaching. Hua Yu Fitness Specialist College Distinguished invited a national aerobics instructor trainers Professor Wang Yi, chief trainer to do, but also invited a lot of well-known experts as instructors, is the most professional training institute in Henan Province.



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