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How do I train chest, abdominal, leg and thigh muscles? There are arm. .

kobe Heart summary2010-03-15 23:11:05 +0000 #1
Push-ups - chest

sit-ups - the abdominal muscles

morning exercise long-distance running, toes - calf muscles


Thigh muscles, how to practice. . Individual's personal experience. . Thank you slightly. .

I like to play basketball. 17. .
qd8141372010-03-15 23:20:51 +0000 #2
bad - but the way exercise a little single - easy - the muscles - exercise, relatively easy to take shape --- nor is it taking shape - that is, just not as good-looking -- -

proposal to increase the number of actions ---

Sit back rest

A. Key training areas: the biceps, pectoralis major, deltoid and teres major muscle and so on. B. Start Location: body supine, hands slightly behind the stays in the stool, the feet on the lower bench on the other parts of the body floating. C. Action Process: breath, shoulders relaxed, arms slowly elbow flexion, the body sink as far as possible (in particular, Shen hip), pause 2-3 seconds, then inhale, stretch his arms propped forced to restore the body. Repeat to do. D. Training points: arm flexion and extension when the medium-speed stability, the body should be straight, elbows to arms inside the folder. Raise the height or weight-bearing foot can be difficult to improve training and increase load stimulus. 2-4 Group

resting leg sit-ups

A. Exercise key areas: the upper abdomen area. B. Start Position: Sit on the ground, the legs resting on the bench in parallel, so that the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, his hands could pay $ & * in the chest, or hold his hands cross each other on the back of the neck. C. Action process: slowly so that shoulders to the knees bent, swollen shoulder bone from the ground up to 1

2, when the British to keep still for a second. Then, return to the starting position. Repeat to do. D. Training points: When the pike contraction, in order to better enable abdominal muscles contract, causing lower back close to the ground. The introduction of weight training courses in the initial stage, the completion of each quote, we should avoid using dancing, playing the leveraging action. 2-4 Group

start flinching sitting position while sitting on stool, his hands back stays in the stool. Method of Direct legs forward. Action process shrink from the calves, knees, the highest possible point. Rectus abdominis muscle contraction and complete a second, then slowly landing leg until it is completely straight. Breathing method of reduction when the suction from a calf, landing breath.

Note that the main points of this a little more easy, and its role in the knee on the size of the whole to mention the speed of the high and low and movements. The more slowly the higher the greater the smaller the contrary. 2-4 Group

17 years of age or older during the long sub---- playing basketball is a very nice increase in both increased movement --- a -

a week should have a hanging horizontal bar sports - specifically hanging on the horizontal bar - no pull-up - suspended for 15 minutes - one perhaps not grasping for so long - how much effort several times. A week to have both times - increased use.

Squat jump or take off with - a high leg lift - that is done a group of squat jump - rest 10 seconds or so to do a high leg lift - done, rest 10 seconds or so - do squat jump - (D 4-5 a group of squat jump - do 4 sets - 30-40 a group of high leg lift - a group of Gaotai-time control to do in 30 seconds, do 4 groups.)

Exercise time limit -- - 1 hour before meals, after meals for an hour - a half-hour before sleep like a -

to avoid unnecessary pressure on the stomach - and excessive movement - the cerebral cortex caused by over-excitement - due to insomnia -.

5 days a week exercise - Closed both days - may take a rest under relaxed when playing the basketball playing basketball when the rest --- yes - playing time is short point - in order to rest for the purpose of -

the rest of 5 days, 1-2 days can also be drawn to play basketball --- the time to play basketball does not require -

better to extract at least one day a week - resting ---- so much the better -.

Leapfrog - Squat Jump - with - high leg lift - right - to increase explosive leg - jump helpful - to help you cap 哈哈 -

, proper exercise proper rest -- in order to increase the main -

呵呵 hope that my answer to be helpful for you
shimao1002002010-03-15 23:43:44 +0000 #3
you said, already is in place, such as the arm, you can buy a strength of arm and thought, I have practiced before that, it is Well, push-ups not only to exercise chest muscle, but also exercise abdominal muscles, including the neck, this you can also come to understand that, like you play basketball, it has been able to exercise very good, and wish to have a horizontal shape -----



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