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Ask fitness up, of the increase muscle and reduce fat.

dengyao84942010-03-16 13:12:00 +0000 #1
I am in the gym soon one years. Have been doing by muscle anaerobic exercise, the current results (except pectoral) basic to my satisfaction, that day coach also said that to maintain this stature on it. Gu want to train the abdominal muscles out of smug, the recently read a lot of information, but also consult a lot of experienced people. Increase muscle and reduce fat on the issue has not been a complete answer, a lot of information that is temporarily given up by muscle, fat completely. Themselves more distressed, do not want to abandon the original circumference, especially the pectoral muscle. Special help Xuzhou fitness friend,

1, will want to maintain the current muscle lines, we are trying to stomach the fat off, so that abdominal muscles displayed, is there any good way.

2, fitness fast a year, each time the chest is very hard training, training, finished feel is also very good that the circumference to get up.

Special-laws under my fitness program:

I am now 140 pounds, waist circumference, 2-foot 2

Monday chest exercises 40-50 minutes, running 40 minutes.

Tuesday back exercises 40-50 minutes, running 40 minutes.

Wednesday arm exercises 40-50 minutes, running 40 minutes.

Thursday aerobics, jogging for 40 minutes.

Friday the appropriate leg exercises 40-50 minutes.


Sunday Closed shoulder exercises

PS: Mon, Wed, Fri increased abdominal training (four movements, each movement four groups, each 12-15 months), increased calf Tuesday Thursday Saturday Training ( two movements, each movement three groups).

I am not a professional fitness person, but fitness enthusiasts, hoping to achieve through fitness shapely, muscular lines of significant results.

Nutrition: for personal reasons of work, a general comparison of starting late, is a five egg breakfast, lunch, normal, 3:00 snacks 5 egg white, 6 points go to the gym after exercise, a cup of protein powder. Home dinner, a vegetarian, beef, 3 2.

0 Lei mad 02010-03-16 13:16:44 +0000 #2
strictly speaking, by muscle and fat is very difficult to work together to complete, but you just want to strengthen the abdomen and then the next line you can reinforce what the strength of your abdominal exercises. Abdomen straight, abdominal oblique, must reaches of. After a period of training is best practice to happiness, the effect well, there will be turn out too abdominal special stick! Abdominal muscles can be trained in training can be ruthless 1:00 every day no problem.

Your fitness program there is a big problem. Your aerobic exercise too much, consume too much latitude it will affect your growth. Your muscles are too few goals every day. Few are now a target muscle exercises every day way, unless you are a professional bodybuilding forces, especially those who foot the completion of the large muscle group exercises the power of heavy load, the hip joints and your muscles will appear initiative insufficient I think it is a goal of muscle per day. I feel like you this day, two practice methods target the muscles should be very for you. 】

【Abdominal muscles is not like you can and three of the chest, together with two shoulders can be the back can also be 2 can also be and shoulder exercises with such good effect.

You say you chest muscle growth is slow the latitude I think there should be four reasons.

1 is your contact approach is too single, after a long period of exercise training has changed more than a change in the method, multi-change of action, or weight, it should change with the next. Or intermittent time, whether the person of your machine experience to adapt to your contact method, the effect will become increasingly obvious.

2 is the day when you are practicing chest exercise intensity exceeds the capacity of your own could have been contaminated, leading to restoration of your muscle fibers too slow. Thus affecting the growth of latitude. If you are not satisfied with your chest you can practice twice a week. You are intermittent and there is no good stretching after exercise to relax your muscle fibers that will affect the repair and thus affect your muscle growth.

3 is the intensity of your aerobic exercise too much consumption too much, your 20 minutes of aerobic like. You did not lose weight.

4 your diet should also look at an appropriate increase in sugar intake, and thus are able to save your body a certain amount of base glycogen, glycogen energy supply to avoid the lack of other nutrients needed to function in the situation, so that will also affect your of muscle growth.

Right to remind you, the protein intake too much inflation will affect your liver and kidneys of the burden of inflation. Do not intake the transition! Daily supply of 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight around like, you can be a little more fitness, but not too much!
Eating garlic healthy2010-03-16 13:46:51 +0000 #3
by muscle and fat is very difficult to work together to complete



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