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Girls Tuicu, how all the muscles get?

Small Xiao Xuan2010-03-16 19:10:30 +0000 #1
Said the exercise would run away - do not want to hear nonsense, because I used to be practiced sport, with a total running in the morning run! But not only does not lean hand, firmer muscles, and I would like to know no one has the more effective methods, simple and convenient at home can be done. Tried to be their own person effective, hear, do not answer 谢啦
hard easier said than done hard2010-03-16 19:22:50 +0000 #2
Can you confirm that you have that muscle !!!??? I doubt very much ah.

Because the long-running man should not be very thick legs, ah, on the contrary should not be rough ah. I think you were not before the regular run, and then completely break, so the leg caused by a large number of additional customary to burn fat, but not to be consumed as usual, so the thicker legs. If you look at the legs strong, but not necessarily muscle ah, and some fat, seem very strong, particularly muscle fat.

So, you recall, you are long-standing or running time during the break, and if it is the time when broken, it basically can be concluded that most of your muscles it is not fat.

So, like legs carefully, still running.

In addition, the calf is very rough with a long-term relationship between wearing high heels, that may be muscle, because of wearing high heels, leg muscle groups on at all times, exercise, over time on the long muscle becomes thick of.

Thigh muscles still need to increase the trip from the city, and be sure, running hard to create thick thighs, do not exercise is absolutely possible to thicken thigh.

Again, running in different positions will result in the distribution of the different muscle groups. For example, the toes touch the ground with the rapid run it is easy to exercise calf muscle groups.

So much for it, your own analysis based on their own analysis of the situation.
Low-key dark2010-03-16 19:54:03 +0000 #3
Tuicu! This is a woman ages the same worries. No solution 啦 - you have also full of muscles, and have no solution 啦
gamerjzy2010-03-16 19:56:50 +0000 #4
you might as well as a muscular female bar - MM are the muscles are not ugly ah - if not particularly well-developed the kind of special Moreover, fitness girl is not very well-developed muscles, your muscles should be a very general kind of put. . .

Muscle is often merely an exercise, you just do not run, the muscles will gradually disappear, and converted into fat. . .
Painted World Dream2010-03-16 20:48:02 +0000 #5
adhere to practicing yoga every day.

I am almost there, began to also jog every day, can be found running very hard, but no significant change in the muscles in the legs, then insist on practicing yoga on a daily basis, but also can be a lot of sweat, but also detox, and the relatively static some, more suitable for girls bar - I've lost a lot in trying to succeed

Wish -



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