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Walk up to the forward legs could not lift Britain feet

Mi Jiluo 1232010-03-16 19:10:37 +0000 #1
RT, legs to walk, it was clearly not feeling the force, is the lack of exercise do, from the junior high school before starting to walk Take the feet go, Britain feet, and now want to change, after the heel touch the ground first can students still say that Britain, and the feeling of walking legs that move when the legs tense, and not force, is caused by lack of exercise do more running tubes do??
y6058017902010-03-16 19:20:09 +0000 #2
look at the situation from your their own habits, and you now want to change is good, but the method has to be altered,! You can own lengthening the strides forward that will be walking leg movements do slow down a bit, so that your heel to fully touch the ground, so continue to practice for some time, conscious step will be smaller steps and return to a normal walking posture on the you can, you can first try!

Faith + courage + perseverance practice, exercise can be corrected the day after tomorrow! Believe!
Wheatme2010-03-16 19:48:01 +0000 #3
immediately go to hospital for an examination should not bar older brother to seize a small full-examination asked Baidu large hospitals you can ask a doctor about what in God's light to listen to you describe did not know the specific reasons



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