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〃 〃 Si1eNce2010-03-16 21:11:13 +0000 #1
I am now 20 years old, the family always say let me go to physical exercise, saying it was to promote blood circulation, but I think sleep is also well to promote blood circulation, both of which have any effect on different? In addition, every morning I go jogging 8-9 points, this time 40 minutes, the exercise time to suit you? And my morning exercise before the exercise was finished eat breakfast, please say in detail point.

Also please lot of help, very grateful!
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-03-16 21:25:46 +0000 #2
I want to say your family is right.

People in a quiet time, most of the blood is concentrated in the digestive system, of course, must get the necessary oxygen and breathing. . . The Movement system is the distribution of blood, we should naturally less

On the contrary, people in motion when the motion system relatively more access to the distribution of blood, while the other systems is relatively small. The body's blood, is the ability to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.

And a single bed, or the constant movement, will only be a "configuration" state, so work and rest in promoting better blood circulation and achieve fitness results.

If the exercise, then chose the afternoon, after which 3,4 bar, this time was quite good. Air quality, state of the human body are the best. Poor air quality in the morning, but just sleep the body's state of recovery, a sudden movement, the body will have discomfort. Of course, if necessary, warm, and the formation of habits is also possible.

Morning Exercises ago, you can eat less points, or drink, complete fasting is not suitable for training. Because dinner about 6 points, and 12 hours after the body had no energy is supplied, the energy depleted state exercise on the body is not good. Therefore suggested that limiting consumption point of eating spots, pending a post-digestion, then the health movement

I wish Happy New Year
freely555552010-03-16 21:48:43 +0000 #3
20-year-old well suited to high-intensity exercise, I suggest you increase exercise intensity, do not jog, to limit run Caixing.

Time: 3-5 pm running between points is better

diet: one hour after afternoon nap after lunch, Jia

speed: the use of varied pace, just started to slow, in the middle fast reaching the limits, adhere to the limits of 400-800 m run, then slow down, slow heartbeat.
GM scum2010-03-16 21:41:08 +0000 #4
morning run before you can drink juice, eat bread. Not satiety.

In fact, good morning run.

Here people have a misunderstanding that the morning exercise is best, in fact not the case in the morning, especially when the sun is not completely out of the air of carbon dioxide levels were high (particularly in the park forest edge), exercise is actually a process of renewal and , the air is bad, might as well do not exercise. From the air a good point of view, 10 am, 16:00 tempered air are good

In fact, after a night of sleep, the body is not a lot of organs in the morning is a very good condition, a slow recovery, the blood viscosity is also high. So get up, you should first drink a glass of water can be very good to reduce blood viscosity. But the poor do not eat breakfast on the train, your stomach has been empty for at least 10 hours, at this time there is no source of energy for exercise, they will go to consumption of fat, internal organs or muscle inside the protein, fat Daoshi does not matter, we all want to lose it, But the protein, especially muscle and visceral protein, were less than a critical situation, the body will not consume these proteins. Do you want your response protein that can be consumed, and true to the critical moment how do you do?

Eat a little something rerun, blood, all went to skeletal muscle, and stomach to reduce the blood, digesting food back very slowly over time, and easily lead to indigestion.

Still suggest you after breakfast, working one or two hours, activities for a while, to be a parade to alleviate fatigue, activities of muscles. Exercise need not be how long how long once a day to a total of 1 hour can be, the key is to persist. But also to run more than one form, you can also walk, play, rope skipping ... ...



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