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How to quickly increase

Liu Yu2010-03-16 21:11:53 +0000 #1
My 14-year-old was 145 centimeters high, please help me how to rapidly increase.
Tianshan Chinese Room 8882010-03-16 21:19:47 +0000 #2
select a scientific, safe, effective, and consistent with the law of human development approach is the best way to improve the short stature.

Bone scientist studies have shown that:

bone growth are pituitary growth hormone secretion, continuous calcification of epiphyseal cartilage layer at both ends of passage to the results. Epiphyseal line, once closed, pituitary hormone secretion reduce the body's natural growth to stop. Increased product on the market have also applied this principle.

First of all, increased drug use increase the hormone, to stimulate a large number of hormone secretion, to promote rapid growth of bones in the short term. Is undoubtedly Destructive Enthusiasm, leading to premature epiphyseal closure line, affecting children's normal physical development. (Most recently a pair of twin sisters, sister of athletic talent in the secondary sexual characteristics before the advent of steroid within the higher product, leading to endocrine disorders tall short period of time, but early puberty, a strong ideological pressure, sexuality, shortening, epiphyseal line of coverage, 13-year-old adults of 17.5 years old, the natural growth of 1.52 meters, and sports a career severely restricted. while her sister developed signs of normal height prediction: 1.65 meters.) Again, a large number of adults through the drug to stimulate growth hormone secretion, as adults, epiphyseal line has been closed, there is no growth of epiphyseal space, calcified cartilage layer in joints accumulation, leading to diseases such as joint swelling, excess growth hormone secretion, but will reduce the secretion, or even stop secretion. Increased to the adult is almost ineffective. Therefore, increased drug inadvisable.

Then, minimally invasive surgery increased bone regeneration under the principle is more scientific and effective methods. However, expensive surgery, the patient great pain, the most dangerous is the risk of disability. State expressly provided, in addition to normal people with disabilities to prohibit the use of higher than surgery.

Once again, hope Korea grace increased trousers, according to principles of bone growth, smart stretch his legs, opened the bones pitch to prevent the leg bone cells, radiate vitality legs to convey the growth of spatial information, the natural growth hormone secretion, so that bones continue to grow . Simulate the human body because it is a true growth environment, in line with the laws of human development and physiological regulation, there is no body will not bring about side effects. It can be said more scientific and more effective and safer.

Pan-li grace increased trousers, to lead the Green Wave increased in order to build China's first brand increased responsibility. Carried forward and continue to struggle.

Physics point of view:

Zenggao Xie, and hope we get to do something relatively higher li grace.

Zenggao Xie at the physical point of view, the human body does appear to increase in the appearance of a few centimeters, and the body without any harm. However, no substantial increase in the human body, once took off without any changes.

The research shows that new bone cells are the key to increased plastic, in the body weight of oppression, its growth and environmental stress cause it to grow slowly, leading to short stature. Pan-li grace pants increased bone growth in a unique device to fundamentally reduce the pressure of new bone cells, and guide the growth of bone cells shape and direction, to provide strong protection for the bone growth. Long bone, stands a natural change. Solve the fundamental problem, and never rebounded.

(Case: with, and hope li grace increased trousers, I have a 7 cm tall, more than a year did not rebound, hope Korea grace increased trousers let me back in those long-lost self-confidence).

Since the new bone cells can be stretched to reduce the pressure at the same time, grace increased hope Korea is also through the pants leg stretching, and thus to stimulate the pituitary gland to promote the secretion of growth hormone to promote bone growth, bone grows fast, bone-type looks good.

(Ah childhood physical children in our home more backward, short stature will allow me to do the parents speak broken heart, the idea of holding try to buy your child a hope Korea grace increased trousers, but also not to mention, not only tall tall , and this physical-zhuang, and we do not mention the parents more than happy).

From the bio-genetic analysis:

pituitary hormones secreted mainly at night when people sleep, the body which determines the growth of a golden period in the evening, in the White

days because of the body's own stress and the role of gravity is not the basic human生长.

In the biological genetics can also hope Korea grace increased stretch pants comparable to the traditional theory is that is augmentation (yoga).

Augmentation bone development under the principle and the composition of human bone and bone gap structure. Law of the invention is indeed effective yoga exercises. But it can only be closed when not in the epiphyseal line, stretching bones, a catalytic effect on bone growth. Once closed epiphyseal line, to no avail. From the effect, consider: Yoga increased tall body did not seize the prime time, the effect is not obvious, adult is almost not increased; time to consider: the need to spend a lot of hours of practice to affect people's normal work, study.

The Pan Korea grace pants are made in order to increase the effectiveness of that magic is this: decrypt the genetic constraints, the greatest potential to stimulate gene.

For a person's height, the genes are born, are internal. At the same time, genes also recorded a result of various factors on the human shadow

ring, and the genetic to the next generation. (I and his father are relatively short, due to the genetic son of bone age predicted only grow to 166 centimeters,

for him did not spend less tall, this article would like to buy Pan Korea grace give it a try, did not think 6 months now grow to 170 cm a)

Pan Korea grace increased trousers, reduced bone growth resistance, widening the gap skeletons space, thereby increasing the space for bone growth, vertical traction plastic, and create bone growth unsaturated information, and promote the growth of Active hormone secretion, genes play the greatest possible, to stimulate genetic potential. Effect: As the Pan Korea grace increased wearing pants at night, seizing the body growth of prime time, the effect is more obvious. Time angle: Pan Korea grace increased when the pants are worn at night to sleep, does not affect the normal working hours.

Pan-li grace to lead the new trend of higher fashion, determined to build China's increased brand.

After the above argument shows that hope Korea grace increased scientific and effective safer trousers, their humanity is designed to meet fast-paced life of modern people. Such a good product you waiting for? Select Pan Korea grace increased quickly pants bar, get rid of anguish from the Pan Korea grace pants began to increase.

Pan-li grace increased by a specially designed single-pants pants, leg bandages and the composition of bone lengthening device. Continuous bi-directional force, standing time, increased upper right leg pants will reduce the pressure; lying down, the higher will be the continued stretch pants leg! Let your leg bone cell growth, freedom soaring, increasing bone length. Whether you are due to genetic factors, developmental, or malnutrition caused by lack of short stature, wearing trousers and increased hope Korea grace, so that you realize the dream of a farewell Lilliput.

Do not take medicines and injections, no surgery, relaxed area, back self-confidence and good-bye Zenggao Xie. Love, job, life, self-confidence to face everywhere. Farewell Lilliput, immediately increased with the hope Korea tubs pants.

Wear three days: Good morning Good morning, higher than usual height 2cm

wear 15 days: Good morning Good morning, higher than usual height 2.5cm. Growing pains began to appear

wear a month: legs feel strong, thigh, lower leg and knee at growing pains

wear 3 months: bones begin substantive growth, increased height began to shape

continue to wear a sustained increase, due to physical Different maximum increased to 11cm or more.

Easy to grow any taller, happily does not rebound

In the meantime, there is hope Korea grace increased Jiao Zi stovepipe, legs effect. Allows you to grow any taller at the same time more beautiful legs!
Is like your wp2010-03-16 21:41:32 +0000 #3
eat, sleep, more exercise (especially multi-play) contribute to long-a
Yan vs ultra2010-03-16 22:28:08 +0000 #4
libraries that increase in the television broadcast had false
zes785723072010-03-16 22:17:06 +0000 #5
Nutrition slowly to in place, nothing to get up and stretching prior to energetically contribute to increased
hungry digital2010-03-16 22:07:23 +0000 #6
play basketball, pull bar to eat nutritious
see de sun2010-03-16 22:28:31 +0000 #7
in fact, did not directly increase food medicines and tools, can only come from a reasonable nutrition and exercise up higher, that soccer's Wang Lei, with a small point, tall enough, it is estimated on the 170CM multi-point, his father let him adhere to exercise every day, and now almost 180 Chutou it, then he should have said to have been a growth period of the , Ting Niu B,. .



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