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Abdominal surgery long it will take strenuous exercise

Dada simple-minded2010-03-17 00:11:01 +0000 #1

Cattle Cocoa2010-03-17 00:19:35 +0000 #2
by theory, a month after completely restored.

But the physical, nutritional status, age difference, manifested in the situation of each person, but very different, so vary the physical recovery too.

I suggest that you can slowly began to recover from a lower limb movement of exercise. Do not need to start from the activities of abdominal muscles, strong abdominal muscles need to force action is temporarily not to do, and gradually restore abdominal muscles, abdominal exercises, especially the abdominal muscles. Your own experience of abdominal muscle endurance. What is the specific intensity of the right, in addition to your own No one knows, the doctor does not understand, because there is no this target. Insurance, and to avoid responsibility for the point of view, he confirmed that to avoid strenuous exercise, do not believe you try, you let him write you a sick note to avoid strenuous exercise, he certainly open to you.

In addition, you should consider your situation in the former disease, pancreatic disease is fully recovered, is it affects your physical activity and so on.



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