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Thigh muscle exercise

shayneshasha2010-03-17 03:10:29 +0000 #1
I have always used exercise bike in the way of muscles - because I have a ride electric vehicles, generally I do not open the power, it is estimated very heavy - can achieve the effect of lower limb exercise Mody --- now feel the leg muscles significantly change - how to exercise? There are - if the words are no longer exercise the muscles will not go away -? Hope that we can explain in detail ----
Yan magic cupids2010-03-17 03:17:23 +0000 #2

1. Cyclists will be sure to exercise the thigh muscles

2. Squat (which can be weight-bearing) squat (which can be weight-bearing) ← Do not tell me step Zama you do not know how to do

as long as the appropriate amount of exercise exhausted reaches a hard look at your thigh muscles if you feel unable to prove that reaches his home break and so on foot resumed after a hard look at the thigh muscles (knee along the of the two thigh muscles will be stiff)

3. If you do not exercise the thigh muscles will not disappear but will become a never before strong (may also be turned into fat)

those bodybuilders you see them so strong and muscular body, but age, a to the old, non-exercising muscles and may result in muscle relaxation would fall

to know so much

I wish you success!

However, the thigh muscles to practice really so good-looking rough? I doubt
dhyaoxia2010-03-17 03:41:05 +0000 #3 / web/nanren/jiansheng/20090318/97439.html

4 strokes aerobics to build the perfect male body (Photos)

this thing is simple and practical - `



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