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My body thin and weak, you can drink protein powder do?

Prince of Qin2010-03-17 03:10:35 +0000 #1
I am more picky eaters, from small thin body, which provides resistance difference. You can drink protein powder do?
Birdman2010-03-17 03:13:02 +0000 #2
Yes, but the thing more bluffing, and is also more expensive.

Drink-point of milk, soy milk, or soy products,

as well as a balanced diet is the best and good health.

Important thing is you are fussy eaters Gaidiao bad habits.

Relative protein powder, I recommend that you use spirulina,

as well as in a balanced diet based on the appropriate supplement, such as vitamin E and so on.

Remember, can not be readily believe advertising can not be chaotic drug use, appropriate consulting a doctor,
crazy answer in hand2010-03-17 03:59:44 +0000 #3
Hi, yes, we can see detailed information

: htm

For healthy people, as long as adhere to a normal diet, a lack of protein in general this will not happen. Milk, eggs, meat, soybeans, wheat and corn-containing essential amino acids full range and sufficient quantity of appropriate proportion. So long as we maintain a rich variety of food, they can fully meet the body's protein needs, there is no need to add protein powder. Moreover, the enjoyment of food to bring people's mental and sensory stimulation, is a protein powder can not be substituted.



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