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liujia866162962010-03-24 05:10:09 +0000 #1
want to buy a treadmill at home and exercise. The machine's performance requirements is not very high, can run (to plug, belts will move with me to run, and those who walk, even if we had.) Calculate the amount of exercise in on it.

Size not too big, the average how much money do? ? My home in Harbin. An online mail-order good, or to the sporting goods store to buy good? ?

Taobao and pat there are a lot less than 1,000 yuan, and be able to buy it? ?
Eastern Arctic monkeys2010-03-24 05:19:56 +0000 #2
Each product has its own cost, if lower than its normal market price, then the quality of where to be to ensure this? treadmill is a large Dongdong, do not just listen to the price but not its Performance 呀. Now market a new game treadmills, apart its own possessed fitness functions, will fitness cars and computers usb mouth connected is its biggest characteristic. Fitness cars and computers connected together, they can play many computer games, fitness vehicle offer a variety of buttons used to control the game, while in the fitness car ride of the speed of the computer in the car crash ratio. This play vehicle racing games, we should stop riding exercise bike, then it will exercise the body, but also to enjoy the game stimulating and happy. Who can Internet racing games, you can and friends play once competition, feelings and friend Biao cars pleasure. Every time after the end of the computer to record your every fitness time, riding the distance and other related sports physical and chemical indicators, for you and your family to establish fitness archives in order to more scientific exercise. How samples might to net Kin sporting Shop stroll understanding understanding, Experience Experience bar
O initial conventions O2010-03-24 05:23:27 +0000 #3
generally most cheapest also 2000 about expensive there 五六千七八千 have, recommendations you buy a 3000 or so, enough is not the Henlan



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