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Please a fitness expert to teach me, and I give tuition. Taobao transactions

dying Du2010-03-24 05:10:54 +0000 #1
our fitness but also that of the 20 a lesson, I would faint over his body fat, I dare not trust him. . Training out of the inverted triangle and the box pectoral, 8 abdominal muscles of people ask me the next. Training or experience in out-off enough to guide me to where I sent to your contact e-mail a thank you,
jeson9452010-03-24 05:26:12 +0000 #2
God. . . 20 a lesson, where the parallel coach ah, my coach 150 1, legend has it that cheap. LZ find authentic point of gym ah, even if the coach at her door to find a good point.
G_HANDSOME2010-03-24 05:32:51 +0000 #3
In fact, self-image of the coach is not very important to most important thing is to teach even if he had a perfect body can not pass on to you so that you have a perfect body that is the useless
horizon of Huang2010-03-24 06:28:49 +0000 #4
I'll teach you a single room point method, I would like for reference:

Good morning, wake up to do push-ups, at the beginning to do 15, after 3-5 each day, which is Lian-Song to your chest.

Then do sit-ups, at the beginning to do 20, after 5 each day, which is refining your abdominal muscles.

Within half a year of your muscles will be emergent
glorymagic2010-03-24 06:15:53 +0000 #5
I think fitness is not a difficult task, to go to the bookstore to find a book like it wants to shining train, what to coach. The key is a steadfast and their own willpower, good body is not one or two days can be practiced, to the long-term persistence, over time, relying on training hard to achieve.



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