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How high school students exercise at home (no equipment)

Mars the next president2010-03-24 22:10:36 +0000 #1
17 years old this year, but they are weight loss, physical fitness is not OK, want to use the time at home, school, exercise or rest under.

Would like to find a suitable point of the program. Hoped that detailed points, such as what to do exercise, do the number of groups, there is a break long, how often do a so on.

Thank you, the
990226hzlabc2010-03-24 22:21:02 +0000 #2
ah Caesar Cool 啦 yo2010-03-24 22:29:57 +0000 #3
high school student body is still a long stage of development - physical activity should not be too large, movement to pay attention to science - have a reasonable arrangement Caixing - unreasonably excessive exercise or sports - not only failed to achieve the desired effect - but the harm caused by the body -

the morning should be run in sprint running or jogging in general can be - as long as the body went to micro-thermal sweating on the can be verified - can practice after a leapfrog, can improve the jumping ability (if you like basketball, this is for you), push-ups. Sit yourself from doing so have given a group number - this is part of the power type - should not be themselves are engaged in too much fatigue - could easily undermine the muscle ...



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