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How exercise arm muscles? Abdominal muscles do?

Yzmlit2010-03-25 02:10:03 +0000 #1
I am 18 years old. You want to be able to see the muscles on the arm. Exercise at home every day. Recent insistence that a long time.

How the most appropriate kind of exercise?

Abdominal muscles do?
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka2010-03-25 02:16:12 +0000 #2
brief on the following -! A more comprehensive Ha `!

1, large muscle groups first practice

and it should be observed by a training principles. Not by patiently to pick up equipment on the free training. Legs, chest, and back muscles are large muscles, these muscles exercises need to use a heavier load, otherwise difficult to produce results. So, when you are energetic, able to overcome the heavy load, we must first train the muscles. If the wait for training sessions towards the end to practice of these muscles, then chew, and the effect will be greatly reduced, there may even be injuries.

For example, a person often three groups of 90 kilograms barbell bench press exercises began training the class the latter part is to use 30 kilograms barbell to do three sets of triceps pushdown exercises. One day, he reversed the training sequence, the first of 34 kilograms of the barbell to do triceps pushdown exercises, to practice bench press, up to can only be pushed from 79 kilograms of the barbell had. This is because the three muscles in the pushdown exercise has already been a certain load of training, fatigue, and no longer able to complete three sets of 90 kilograms barbell bench press a. In this case, the fatigue triceps, the 79 kilograms weight is close to the limit load, but the development of chest and shoulder strap muscles it is far from enough. Clearly, the first complete more muscle groups to participate in practice, and then complete the single-muscle exercise, the effect much better. Because a single muscle exercises using a smaller weight does not affect other muscles, while the single muscle itself is able to get a big stress stimulation.

Second, the muscles take turns alternating training

This is also a principle of training. Not continuous with a muscle exercises. Alternating exercises muscle groups each time after practice to get some recovery, and therefore in every second practice when a relatively heavier load. As the muscle strength and size development and training intensity are closely related, so the turn practice more conducive to muscle size and strength growth.

For example, in the bench press and triceps pushdown exercises, triceps is the original moving muscles. Practitioners to finish bench press immediately after doing triceps pushdown exercises, to overcome 30 kg of resistance. If two groups of exercises was completed a group of standing elbow flexion and extension exercises, he was doing push-down exercises when you will be able to overcome the 34 kilograms of resistance, because the fatigue of the triceps has been some recovery. Trainers who wish for the same muscles continuously stimulated, it should pay attention to, recovery interval must be sufficient. (
Cuizheng_11002010-03-25 02:37:42 +0000 #3
chin-up + sit-ups + push-ups + Swimming



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